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Project Completed

People’s Armor

775 people donated
1 364 741 uah (51 958 USD)
of 1 000 000 uah (38 071 USD)
100% raised
Updated 31.10.2016 at 15:00
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Why is the project important?


During warfare, military vehicles take a hammering. Often seriously damaged by fire from mobile anti-tank weapons and different kinds of rocket launchers.

The worst is a missile with a cumulative head. These missiles are mostly based on a Soviet solution and allow the penetration up to 300 mm of reinforced steel. One of protection methods against cumulative missiles is the application of rod armor in the form of anti-cumulative shields

Means of protection

International experience shows for protection against this kind of weapons various anti-cumulative shields are used. When the missile hits the shield, it explodes at a distance from the basic armor of the military vehicle, thus the missile’s penetration capacity is significantly reduced.


What’s the money raised for?

Anti-missile shield for APC – 10 000 UAH х 100

Total amount needed – 1,000,000 UAH

UPD 30/08: The total amount was increased, since the project has been expanded – we also involved the Feodosiya marines and Phoenix battalion.

Responsibility for the work was eagerly taken on several enterprises:


ООО "Mykolaiv Locomotive rapair plant, LLC"

Techstroy 99

All the work is being done FREE OF CHARGE! Your donations are spent only for metal, paints and other materials.


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 1 364 741 UAH(51 958 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 1 364 741 UAH(34 285 USD)
Balance 0 UAH(0 USD)
1 364 741 UAH (51 958 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
24/10/144000 UAHSponsorship from Kherson shipbuilding liceum
17/10/141000 UAHDovgosheya Ruslan Ivanovych
30/09/1467000 UAHSponsorship
08/09/1451420 UAHSponsorship
04/09/1438190 UAHSponsorship
03/09/147168 UAHSponsorship
03/09/1483000 UAHSponsorship
03/09/1447446 UAHSponsorship
02/09/1411000 UAHSponsorship
20/08/1412000 UAHSponsorship
13/08/1410 500 UAHSponsorship
13/08/146 200 UAHSponsorship
12/08/145 000  UAHSponsorship
08/08/145000 UAHPishak Dmytro Mykhailovych
Total: 348 924 UAH (8 766 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
03/11/14Appliances and materials2723.23 UAHSMU-8
03/11/14Welding materials, kg1505151.85 UAHSMU-8
03/11/14Welding materials, kg50880 UAHD. S. Ivanov
03/11/14Abrasive materials1152851.94 UAHO. S. Ivanov
03/11/14Abrasive materials464.50 UAHO. S. Ivanov
02/11/14Tool sets133069.56 UAHSMU-8
02/11/14Appliances and materials24200 UAHO. S. Ivanov
01/11/14Tools and equipment1577348 UAHO. S. Ivanov
31/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-8019970 UAHM. V. Doskoch
30/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-7019970 UAHM. V. Doskoch
29/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-8019910 UAHMPP "Metalica"
29/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-60111200 UAHD.G. Merkulov
29/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-80219820 UAHD.G. Merkulov
28/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC19905 UAHD. Tverdohlebov
27/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-80549525 UAHA. S. Ivanov
24/10/14anti-cumulative shield (set)219800 UAHA. V. Dagabian
24/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-801070000 UAHA. S. Ivanov
24/10/14anti-cumulative shield for CRPV430160 UAHS. A. Varenko
24/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-80219838 UAHS. A. Varenko
24/10/14anti-cumulative shield for APC-7019970 UAHA. S. Ivanov
Total: 364 757 UAH (9 164 USD)
Settlement account
04/11/1411:35500 UAH
04/11/1411:23150 UAH ******8616
04/11/1410:371 313 UAH
04/11/1406:5150 USD ******4304
04/11/1406:502 000 UAH ******0552
04/11/1406:36150 UAH ******8990
04/11/1406:3430 UAH ******3007
04/11/1406:0215 UAH
04/11/1405:56300 UAH ******4266
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 651 060.00 UAH (24 837 USD)
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1 364 741 UAH (34 285 USD)
Current project spending
27/07/2016Internal transfer1 1 000.00transferred to Rapid Response
15/09/2015Welding supplies-- 3 609.97paid
15/09/2015Welding supplies-- 1 135.86paid
15/09/2015Enamel63,4 1 500.24transferred to military unit А2062
23/07/2015Repair and restoration work of Ural-3751 29 834.68delivered to military unit А 0224
11/12/2014Internal transfer1 49 608.20transferred to People’s Armor 2
21/11/2014Inter-project funds transfer 1 36 000.00transferred to People’s armor 2
05/11/2014Internal transfer1 4 330.00transferred to First People’s Drones
04/11/2014Armored plate14 15 960.00Delivered to the SOC "Alfa"
03/11/2014Metal and supplies-- 254 117.50delivered to military unit B4067
02/11/2014The funds transferred directly to the production site for the purchase of equipment and supplies used for work within the projects People's Armor and People’s Armor 2.-- 177 469.00paid
30/10/2014Metal angle 50х50х5, t (paid with funds donated directly to producers )5 27 000.00paid
30/10/2014Metal strip 4Х40, t (paid with funds donated directly to producers )12 64 800.00paid
30/10/2014Welding accessories: gloves, holders, masks, cable, etc. (paid with funds donated directly to producers )-- 2 000.00paid
27/10/2014Materials for production of spaced armour for APC-704 24 193.57delivered to military unit B2137
27/10/2014Metal and supplies-- 3 683.43delivered to military unit A2777
27/10/2014Metal and supplies-- 5 077.29delivered to military unit B4067
27/10/2014Materials for production of spaced armour for APC-601 8 683.25delivered to military unit А4067
27/10/2014Materials for production of spaced armour for APC-702 11 595.45delivered to military unit A4067
27/10/2014Spaced armour for APC-801 9 910.00delivered to military unit A2777
27/10/2014Spaced armour for APC-601 11 200.00delivered to military unit A4067
27/10/2014Spaced armour for APC-802 19 820.00delivered to military unit A4067
27/10/2014Welding works at 79th DABB-- 3 000.00Welding works at 79th DABB
16/10/2014Materials and mounting elements for spaced armor1 1 567.24delivered to military unit A2802
16/10/2014Materials and mounting elements for spaced armor1 5 163.41delivered to military unit A2277
16/10/2014Spaced armor for BTR1 9 905.00delivered to military unit A2802
16/10/2014Spaced armor for BTR-80 5 49 525.00delivered to military unit A2277
16/10/2014Spaced armor for BTR-70 1 9 970.00delivered to military unit A2277
16/10/2014Spaced armor for BTR-80 2 19 838.00delivered to military unit A0139
16/10/2014Spaced armor for BRDM4 30 160.00delivered to military unit A0139
16/10/2014Spaced armor and mounting elements for BTR-80 10 74 200.00delivered to military unit A0224
16/10/2014Spaced armor2 19 800.00delivered to military unit A0139
11/10/2014The tools for maintenance and service station lorry many 17 451.95delivered to the "Phoenix" battalion of the 79th DABB
26/09/2014Internal transfer1 55 000.00transferred to Navy SEALs
04/09/2014Instruments and supplies for spaced armor-- 62 302.32delivered to military unit 0224
04/09/2014Metal for spaced armor-- 189 579.33delivered to military unit 0224
21/08/2014Electrodes 13/55, 3mm, kg100 1 760.00delivered to military unit A0224
21/08/2014Abrasive wheel50 830.00delivered to military unit A0224
21/08/2014Metal angle, 50x50x5, tones1.2 12 276.00delivered to military unit A0224
21/08/2014Armature 40x40 mm, tones0.096 1 099.13delivered to military unit A0224
15/08/2014Materials for production of spaces armor 1 25 333.72delivered to military unit A0224
15/08/2014Sledgehammer 2 kg, Budmonster5 270.00delivered to military unit A0224
15/08/2014Socket wrench set1 1 299.00delivered to military unit A0224
15/08/2014Sledgehammer 4 kg, Budmonster5 400.00delivered to military unit A0224
13/08/2014Delivery1 150.00paid
06/08/2014Shields delivery (Nova Poshta - producer)1 150.00Paid
06/08/2014Shields delivery, 54 sets, tones1 2 220.00Paid
05/08/2014Delivery1 250.00paid
05/08/2014Material used for production of spaced armor for BTR-60 1 8 712.84delivered to military unit B2137
Total: 1 364 741.38 UAH (34 285 USD)