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Covers for Grad

96 people


166 951 UAH (6 654 USD)

of 166 934 UAH (6 653 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 18.08.2016 at 13:49
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Project organizer

Volunteer: Zaritskiy Roman

+38 097 752 69 77

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Why is it important?

Since the war began, the word "Grad" has taken on a completely different meaning and has begun to trigger new associations. Now everyone knows that this is a very serious weapon, and the weapon must be maintained in good condition. The multiple rocket launcher (MRL) or multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), which is part of the armored BM-21 "Grad" includes a multiple launcher and rockets, transport or transport-charging vehicle and other equipment. The multiple launcher installation is high-precision technology and takes the form of metal pipes. Any dust, moisture, and dirt that falls on the launcher leads to corrosion. This affects the trajectory of movement of the shells and reduces the MRL’s accuracy, especially at long distances.


Where does the money go?

In order to maintain the BM-21 in good condition aside from technical maintenance takes very simple but important measures such as covers. The BM-21 "Grad" is very mobile and during combat missions are moved across the ATO zone. However, when the MRL is moved it can get gets wet and covered in dust and dirt deposits. To maintain the MRLs in good condition and to avoid reducing the accuracy of their work we need to buy fabric for covers for 43 launchers. We then need to sew and deliver the BM-21 covers to different units. The covers will be sewn by a company in Kyiv which agreed to do the work for the cost of the fabric and will not take money for the labor, for which we are very grateful.

Covers will be distributed to the 28th, 72nd, 92nd and 93rd brigades, but the list of units may be added to.

  • 24December2015

    The project budget reduced by UAH 4 566. Six covers ordered by military for another type on system carrier vehicles are cheaper in production.

  • 09September2015

    Project budget increased by UAH 21 000. Covers for one more brigade added to the list.

Protective cover for BM-21
Protective cover for BM-21 "Grad"
paid 100%
43/43 un.
150 500 UAH
Protective cover for BM-21
Protective cover for BM-21 "Grad", type II
paid 100%
6/6 un.
16 434 UAH
smaller size covers

Totally:   166 934.00 UAH

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