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I Am Sniper

December 21, 2017

A sniper’s day. On a combat outing to the frontline

A sniper’s day. On a combat outing to the frontline

A number of interesting things have happened during the day, and all of them revolve around snipers. But let us tell you about these step by step. First, one of the Ukrainian snipers sent us a nice video. It should be watched by everyone: by every Ukrainian – to comprehend how these decent good-hearted guys defend us in the forefront risking their lives every second. And by enemies – for them to understand what an inglorious end awaits each of those terrorists and slaughterers. Well, not another word: focus on the video.

Later, more news followed: in the morning, The Washington Post media outlet published an exceptionally remarkable news. It reported that the State Department of the USA approved an export (commercial-sales) license for Ukraine to buy certain types of light weapons and small arms from US manufacturers. It is not about Javelin antitank missiles or other extraordinary equipment as the documents refer to high-precision weaponry only. Due to the deal valued at $41.5 million, the Ukrainian military will get items such as Model M107A1 Sniper Systems of large caliber, ammunition, and associated parts and accessories. We are not going to get overexcited in advance, still will gladly take the opportunity to peek at those rifles which our snipers will use soon. This rifle is manufactured by a legendary Barrett brand; namely, it is one of the most popular modifications of the large caliber M107A1 with a slightly shortened barrel. Equipped with powerful optics and .50 BMG ammunition, it is able of punching holes in any breastwork, light fortifications, or even in concrete or brick walls, inexorably hitting the enemy who is trying to escape the honest payout.


The M107A1. Both monstrous and beautiful at the same time

Well, the rifles are amazing, still the main question is who is going to use them, as such a mighty and precise tool requires application of sufficient skills. At this point we always consider those wonderful guys we have had the privilege of assisting to. This is a Special Forces unit, the snipers of the “Donbas” Special Forces Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine. We have heard different opinions about the National Guard: some say they are not fighting in the front, being positioned behind the battle lines, with their functions somewhat unclear. Honestly, getting tired of such biased and contemptuous attitude, we can assure you a hundred percent that the guys we are supporting, are positioned close to the frontline and actively move around its hottest sectors to carry out their sniper work.


This is the good fellow who is revealing the details of a sniper’s day-to-day life to us

One of the troopers, a young but exceptionally skilled sniper, has shared some latest photos and stories with us. As you can remember, lately we have been regularly reporting on russian snipers, Serbian mercenaries or similar gross which periodically intensify their work in the forefront bothering our guys. It is exactly against these scoundrels our guys are performing their counter sniper work. A few days ago they returned from another outing, and it came out that while our officials are trying to draw NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s attention to the Serbian mercenaries like Dejan Berich, our snipers confront them in the battlefield practically face to face. Naturally, we can disclose neither the place nor the circumstances of the encounter – let us keep these in secret so far. Still we have been allowed to reveal some specifics of their work.


Somewhere nearby there is an exposed position that is easily detectable for an enemy sniper. Now after a small smoke break our guys are going to proceed with their work, the live-bait hunting of the enemy

The guys say, this time it was the live-bait fishing. Somewhere in the fields they arranged a maximally exposed position where our sniper remained easily detectable. Then they started to work aiming to attract the terrorists’ attention, provoke their response and thus make them disclose their position. Simultaneously, another our sniper was waiting for an opportunity to hit the enemy from another position. Unfortunately, or luckily, this time the trick did not work: the guys admit the Serbs were inactive like flies in winter time. So they did not appear, but in turn our guys remained safe as well.


Our snipers working in pair, targeting the enemy positions. This is a real, not a staged photo

In general, the work proved effective. “Deckie” himself has not been hunted down yet, still we are sure it is a matter of time. However, some of his “colleagues” or rather minions will never be able to kill Ukrainians again. In some time, following our scouts’ report, we will describe you the outcome of our guys’ outing in detail.


There, in a distance, one can detect the enemy snipers, still living so far

Right now we have prepared a new parcel for these fighters: earlier we already passed them a range finder; as soon as we are through with processing the docs, we will also send them a few silencers and a weather station. Still the unit’s needs are not limited with these: despite the state supplies the guys with basic tools, we would like to provide them with maximum possibilities for their safe and effective work.

Dear friends. Actually, we have not done much for these guys yet. So let us proceed with our support

Among the unit’s urgent needs there are optical tubes and periscopes not to show their heads in front of the enemy; also they urgently, NOW need thermal imaging scopes enabling them to work at night; similarly, they need weather stations – as there are more than just one sniper in the unit, so they need a matching mount of these; and lots of other stuff. We, the volunteers, can purchase all the equipment at the expense of your donations as well as direct contributions made by individual benefactors, solely. So if you would like to support the Ukrainian snipers who today, during the current fake lull, are fighting almost every day, – the big green button of the I Am Sniper project below is always at your service. Friends, let us be honest: each hryvnia of your donations is really extremely welcome and appropriate. Because our victory is being now forged where these brilliant guys work.


Altogether on the project

I Am Sniper

2520 people


7 393 830 UAH (252 738 USD)

of 7 500 000 UAH (256 367 USD) needed

98% raised

Updated 17.05.2022 at 18:05
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