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ComBat Battlefield Management System

Anniversary of ComBat

The developer of the system speaks about his creation:

“It’s been a year since our team started to develop the ComBat battlefield management system. At first it was simply an Android navigator application with built-in chat and the ability to exchange information through mobile communication. However, after analyzing the mass of military requirements we were able to create something more than just another a map app with labels.

Currently ComBat is a whole complex, which features a full chain cycle of processing intelligence after the designated target is loaded, downloading reports and analytics. The complex includes video, laser and intelligence analysis modules, it can download video from UAVs, has the possibility of filtering and flexible separation of objects on the map according to the hierarchy of users, and a powerful tool for recording the history of events with the possibility of filtering objects by various criteria. I’m not afraid to say that the ComBat of today is a powerful hardware and software system of domestic production, which performs the task of collecting, organizing and analyzing intelligence information along with the ability of specific control over weapons systems and visual control over events on the battlefield by projection of the tactical situation over video.

Another of the strengths of the system is the possibility to apply modern intelligence and data visualization hardware, such as a laser rangefinder with a compass and inclinometer automatically delivering the coordinates of targets located during reconnaissance to a user terminal, and those terminals come in a wide assortment from protected tablets tested for frost resistance, to the hidden terminals in the form of wristwatches or projectors embedded in tactical goggles that can also gauge the state of health of users, etc. We are designing and manufacturing a system of equipment fastenings for the user.

I express my gratitude for the support of the volunteers of The People`s Project.
without them none of this would have been possible!”

We express similar gratitude to him and all people who get involved in our projects. His and your support are helping to inspire and change our army and Ukraine as a whole!

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ComBat Battlefield Management System

ComBat battlefield management system is a powerful tool for modern military units.

960 520 UAH (34 757 USD) needed
100% raised
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