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Elite Training for Military

Behind scenes in another class for future military trainers in CrossFit

Another update about our students involved in the L-Fitness project Elite Training for Military. At the weekend they once again trained and honed their skills. Every training brings them closer to their goal – to become effective instructors for their units. We hope soon to share a video of this training in which our students will be in the role of trainers.

The students are becoming cheerleaders for each other, faithfully following the exercises, while the trainers observe the process. It is important that all clearly understand and reproduce the correct mechanics of movement. After completion of the course the cadets have to explain these exercises to their own students. Proper implementation not only increases the efficiency of carrying the various loads, but is the key to avoiding injury.

Lena with students

There is nothing as inspiring as introducing a competitive element to the training. Meanwhile, the trainers explain, correct and show what they have to do.

Lena squat

Practical exercises are of great importance but without understanding the theory they are only half of the story. Without in-depth knowledge the students can not become good specialists.

Valera crossfit theory

At the last lesson, in addition to the usual activities, yoga was added. This is also part of conditioning the future coaches in a broad spectrum of disciplines.


Every lesson the students skill levels increase and that has been noted by the project coaches, Valeriy and Olena, who are doing all they can to pass on their skills to prospective coaches. After each is fully prepared they will be able to help dozens, maybe hundreds, of their military comrades.
Ukraine’s army has become stronger and more professional and that has been our goal in all of our projects including this one. We ask you help and support our desire to build a strong force to defend Ukraine.

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Elite Training for Military

A project for training military instructors in CrossFit

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100% raised
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