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People’s Blindage

“Changed landscape for separatists”: our military built dugout under enemy fire

They have been building it for a long time, and, finally, they succeeded! Actually, within the People’s Blindage project we send prefabricated structures in which the “box” itself can be assembled in less than an hour. But war makes adjustments to any situation! So in this context “eventually” rather means that our military did not have chances to reach the dangerous spot for certain period of time.

About a month ago we sent two mobile blindages to fortify new positions of the 25th Kyiv Rus battalion on Svitlodarsk bulge. It was relatively easy for them to dig a hole for a dugout but later a real mess started. The point is, the position is located almost at ground zero, only 800 meters away from the infamous russian terrorists’ station. And in between them there is an open field which makes our fighters’ movements clearly visible for the terrorists: this factor provokes the bandits into more fire notwithstanding the previously announced truce.

The guys succeeded to take the disassembled dugout to the position, still later all their continuous attempts to assemble it were interrupted by enemy fire. The terrorists were definitely unwilling to see the UAF’s new stationary position on the spot! But the Ukrainian military proved to be pretty stubborn: as the result, they managed to build the construction during the intervals in fighting. Moreover, they succeeded in complete adherence to the manual: carried out all waterproofing works and covered the blindage with proper volume of soil coating according to the rules of engineering.

The dugout’s wooden details are assembled using strong reinforcing bars. This allows the structure to resist landslides that can take place during shelling. This is the main point that distinguishes the reinforced blindages from those assembled of round wood, which, if damaged, can fall onto soldiers literally burying them underground.

The group of “hedgehogs” built a house on ground zero. Now it’s time to privatize the land!” – the company commander Oleksandr, callsign “Hedgehog”, laughs. Still their intention to bring the Ukrainian land back under state control is quite serious. Actually, this is their mission!

Naturally, the opponent spotted materialization of new fortifications, and russian fighters decided to try out our new dugout’s solidity immediately. The dugout proved to be as strong as it should be, but the terrorists got hit pretty hard in response.

The guys built the dugout and immediately started to improve the landscape design. I was adjusting it,” – Oleksandr laughs again. Indeed, the skyline over the terrorists’ positions got changed which is nice. From now on our fighters will be able to work in safer surroundings.

We would like to remind you, dear friends, that there still exists great demand for new blindages as our military need to stay protected, – and the faster we send them more blindages, the better. We, volunteers of People’s Project, raise funds for materials solely. The dugouts are being assembled by engineers on their own, at the expense of their own time and using their own facilities. As you can see, dear friends, the need for fortifications does not cease with time. Perhaps it will be the hryvnia donated by you personally in the People’s Blindages project that will save a Ukrainian soldier from an impact of an enemy mine.

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Project Completed

People’s Blindage

Blindages to protect the soldiers from enemy artillery and mortars.

2 121 971 UAH (52 416 USD) needed
100% raised
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