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Special Forces Border Platoon

Rangefinders and tactical uniforms for special forces

“Everything changes and nothing stands still.” This quote attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus like many other similar phrases , has become easy to understand in practice.
The last 18 months have proven it.

So, upon hearing the title border special forces, we immediately thought images of “pot-bellied men” who drive expensive cars and only “solve” problems at the border when the booty being smuggled is very big. But months have passed, to our country came war, which turned everything upside down, and has played a catalyst to revealing things that had been hidden before. After Dolzhansky and other events last summer, we realized the authorities are the first line of defense of our country, and if called upon can meet the challenge thus challenging our stereotypical view of them. They are someones’ father, brother and son who risk their safety and often lives to protect us and our country! These are the people who were standing with guns against GRADs and receiver artillery for weeks. These are the people who daily confront a hostile enemy, equipped with the latest technology, with virtually obsolete equipment.
Now we think of the “Border Special Forces” as brave guys who, no matter what, defend Ukraine!

Now, to get to the point. The People`s Project under the “Special Forces Border Platoon” project, has again collected, purchased and transferred to a separate department of boundary service of “C” Southern regional administration much needed, essential even, equipment to fulfill their duty, namely range finders, tactical under armor shirts (expensive, but very necessary, given the specifics of the unit), and tactical holsters.

We remind readers recently the border   commandos received a thermal sight, which heat seeks the separatists by night.
Thanks for your help!

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Project Completed

Special Forces Border Platoon

Equipment for detached border service platoon.

military unit 1469
1 190 241 UAH (49 832 USD) needed
100% raised
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