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People’s Attack Pilot

Final of 12 navigation devices delivered to attack aircraft pilots

We have another small victory. Last week, to the attack aircraft pilots delivered two air navigators and six network chargers. They were the 11th and 12th navigators that volunteers delivered to the 299th Brigade tactical aircraft as part of the People’s Attack Pilot project. Thus, thanks to your support and the assistance of the volunteers we managed to address the needs of the pilots with navigators and components.

Inside news pic

As we have mentioned previously, attack aircraft pilots have to perform tasks flying at low altitudes – only 50-100 meters. So they need to protect themselves from enemy air defense systems. Flying at extremely low altitudes is technically very complex and requires maximum concentration and attentiveness. Obsolete flight control system (map navigation and flight instrument) do not help the pilots. Using them is not easy, and the information they provide is not enough. So there was a need for aircraft navigators that we have successfully met. Now all 12 instruments will help pilots to perform their tasks. They are conveniently located on the flight console at eye level and provide all necessary data to pilots, map reference marks, mapping of power lines, the aircraft’s current height and speed (with GPS) and more.

Navigator mounted

Our volunteers wish to pass on the appreciation of the attack aircraft pilots to all who contributed to the project. We also thank all who support our other projects. Without you and your help Ukraine’s military would be in a very difficult position. Now our website has several active projects running. Their implementation is very important for Ukraine’s common victory. One of them  Rapid Response is designed to cover the most important and urgent needs of the units on the front line. You can help out by clicking the button below.

26/05/2016Авіаційний навігатор Garmin GPSmap 2962 41 600.00передали до в/ч пп В2137
26/05/2016Мережевий зарядний пристрій Garmin6 5 616.00передали до в/ч пп В2137
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Project Completed

People’s Attack Pilot

The pilots that defend Ukrainian airspace need help

military unit В2137
604 794 UAH (23 721 USD) needed
100% raised
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