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People’s Blindage

First field dugout sets sent to Avdiivka

Throughout spring the Avdiivka area experienced fierce fighting. The city is controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but very close are the positions of the militants. Now Avdiivka is the hottest spot on the front line. Adherence to the Minsk II agreements by the Ukrainian side is playing into the hands of the Russian terrorists. That same enemy continually ignores the conditions of the agreement. In the Donetsk People’s Republic there are constant attacks, the terrorists fire every night at Ukrainian military positions with artillery and mortars.

The implications of recent attacks we published in a photo report at this link. Russian terrorist groups shelling Avdiivka has almost doubled and hundreds of prohibited 152 caliber and  70-ми prohibited 82 caliber shells.

It all happened in one day! The war does not stop. Ukraine’s guys are going through hard times under the constant bombardment of the enemy. But they should do it, otherwise they will be overrun by the enemy. Each Ukrainian fighter directs a strong desire to avenge their fallen comrades, a powerful sense of brotherhood and the confidence Ukraine’s territory should belong to them.

So until we get bad news from the front – we need to unite and work together to help protect Ukraine’s fighters and, in turn, the country.

Thanks to your donations to the People’s Blindage project, we were able to send two dugouts into hellish Avdiivka. We were there as the 90th battalion and the soldiers of the 81st Brigade installed and camouflaged them at their positions, see the video:

The need to send to Avdiivka reinforced bunkers, is essential, because there were many buildings where the guys were sheltering destroyed during the attacks. For a while they just had no place to hide.

Now reinforced bunkers required in the field near the mine Butovka.
As it became known this week, a mine building collapsed as the result of night shelling from the terrorists. There are several dead and more than 10 seriously wounded on the Ukrainian. The military, which remained in the area to keep defenses must be sent dugouts to strengthen their positions.

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People’s Blindage

Blindages to protect the soldiers from enemy artillery and mortars.

2 121 971 UAH (52 416 USD) needed
100% raised
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