O.R. Upgrade

April 04, 2017

Good start for the O.R. Upgrade project with first positive results

Good start for the O.R. Upgrade project with first positive results

Its been only 2 weeks since our anniversary charitable The O.R. Upgrade Project was launched, and almost 40 people already participated and contributed to the initiative. We already collected more than 12,000 UAH. This is a promising start. Some benefactors donate 10 or 15 UAH. The others found an opportunity to transfer a few thousand. All transfers you can always track at the online financial statement of the project. In return we want to thank everyone, who contributed to this honorable deal. All these funds we invest to save people.


To operate the lamp one more operating nurse is required

The essence of the project is very simple. We, the volunteers of The People’s Project, collect funds to modernize 3 surgical units. This is a request we got from the surgeons of The 3rd Emergency Hospital of Cherkasy. Actually, doctors just asked to equip at least one of 3 blocks, and we decided to help them with all 3. At the moment, surgical units look terrifying. Surgical lamps are over 40-years-old, and break more and more often. As a result there is a huge lack of light. Tables in here are ancient and been broken for a long time already. Recently, we were told a horrifying story. One of a surgical tables stuck right before the surgery, with the patient on it. And before the start of a surgery the surgeon had to crawl, and try to fix the table himself (which was in vain afterwards).

At those units about 1,500 people a year receive surgeries. Broken tables and old lamps is a completely unnecessary risk for patients and surgeons. A surgeon should concentrate on a surgery, and do not think about a sustainability of a surgical table, or keep the lamp from falling apart over the patient. The government hardly covers minimal current needs of a hospital, and does not finance the modernization of a hospital equipment at all. That is why we, the volunteers, decided to help.


The amount of money received is only 2% of the total amount required to finish the project. In fact, to buy 3 sets of surgical ceiling lamps with additional side lamps, and 3 descent surgical tables, which can be adjusted for most surgical positions, we still need to collect about 400,000 UAH more. It is a huge amount of money. However, dollar per dollar, with help of benefactors and sponsors we will collect the entire amount. All of us can help as much as possible. And do not worry, we will succeed. Doubt is a bad companion in any endeavor.


We donate money now, to help equip the hospital, and doctors will be able to save us or our loved ones in a normal conditions in case of a need in future. Not every Ukrainian can afford a treatment at private clinics. Ukrainian pensioners can afford a treatment neither at prestigious Ukrainian, nor at clinics abroad. Normal conditions in an ordinary hospital can help average people to be treated properly. Do not leave each other in trouble. We are thankful for any support, and donations from caring people and helping sponsors. All your contributions in terms of The O.R. Upgrade Project are a great opportunity to saves lives.


Altogether on the project

O.R. Upgrade

182 people


413 265 UAH (15 912 USD)

of 412 664 UAH (15 888 USD) needed

100% raised

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