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O.R. Upgrade

182 people


413 265 UAH (15 912 USD)

of 412 664 UAH (15 888 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 04.12.2021 at 18:12
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Why is it important?

To The People’s Project applied the surgeons of the Third City Emergency Hospital in the city of Cherkasy. The doctors were in despair: they are here every day save people’s lives. However, the equipment for surgical operations is hopelessly out of date and constantly breaks down. the surgical lamps hardly work, the operating tables do not work as they should, all the equipment is falling apart – the more time passes, the more the situation gets worse.
Lamps 1
The Surgical Hospital has three operating rooms that are operating on a 1,000 people a year. All the staff here literally save lives. To facilitate the work of surgeons and to reduce risks to the lives of patients, doctors need to have normal working conditions. What do they have at this time?
In the main emergency operating room the surgical lamps were manufactured in 1977, it is exactly the same in other the operating rooms. At one time it was a great modern lamp, but today, 40 years later, it is in need of surgery itself, that breaks down almost every day. The bulbs for them are specific, in stores they cannot be bought because they burn out and to replace them there is simply nothing – these older bulbs are not produced. In surgery there is not enough light, so to provide additional illumination for surgery, a lamp set up which is directed additional special nurse.
Lamp inside 2

The operating table also needs replacing, it was made in 1965. Once it had been cutting-edge design equipped with many hydraulic lifts and locks, but eventually the all succumbed to equipment failure. The steel table became like an apparatus around which, like a gymnast, the surgeon practices. Elements of the table are not fixed and to put the patient in a comfortable position is almost impossible, moreover, this table can not withstand a weight of more than 120 kilograms – and patients do sometimes exceed this weight. Speaking in general, it is not only about operating but an endurance test which during an surgery the surgeon must operate half on the person and half to hold the table carrying the patient, all the while spinning the notorious lamp.

Equipping the hospital with new equipment from operational costs will be impossible. The Ukrainian state hospital finances – and the money that is released in the budget, is barely enough for immediate and ongoing needs let alone to modernize equipment and it comes out soon.

None of us is immune from sudden illness. Through accident, unexpected health problems – who can guarantee at any moment we will not need to be rushed to the "ER" in an ambulance with sirens roaring? So just imagine the conditions in which you would like to be treated – quietly and safely in a modern operating room where surgeons have nothing to distract from their work or be at the mercy of surgeons juggling saving you with trying to save the equipment they need to do their work? Imagine a team of surgeons abandoning your treatment to deal with a lamp so as not to crush you during surgery?

Where does the money go?

All three operating rooms surgical hospital equipped with very old equipment. Actually, the doctors themselves very humbly asked us to update at least one. However, we believe the life and health of people – are issues which you can not handle with half-measures and solve the problem only partially. We plan to purchase equipment immediately for all three surgical hospital operating rooms. All equipment will be officially put on the balance of the medical institution. One set includes:
– Modern operating lamp with 17 lights. Two blocks are mounted on the ceiling. One is of the main unit and lights the main operating area, the second unit is additional and mobile and adapts to the current needs. It is a modern lamp that does not distort and ensures accurate color reproduction – and this is crucial in surgery; preventing deceptive shadows and, most importantly, it has low thermal radiation, so the work of 17 powerful and bright lights do not convert the operating room into a sauna.
Modern operating table of Ukrainian production. This miracle of design with features multiple mechanical systems and hydraulic lifts that allow the table to be customized to fit the widest possible range of surgical and medical research. Moreover, table is fitted with special panels for radiological examinations. No just a table for these surgeons – it is a dream.
New appl
This equipment will allow the surgeons at the hospital to work in normal conditions and to minimize risks to the lives and health of patients as they concentrate their efforts on the surgical field, not on how to make running repairs on woefully outdated equipment.

  • 06June2017

    The project budget decreased by UAH 17 011. Instead of a double-domed surgical lighthead ZMD-II we purchased two pairs of lightheads: five reflectors L735-II and twelve reflectors L7412-II. Also, due to the price reduction, instead of the three regular operating tables MT300A, we acquired one regular and one X-ray transparent operating table МТ300А. One more regular table MT300A will be purchased as soon as we raise the required amount.

  • 19May2017

    The project budget decreased by UAH 8 325 due to the discount on the first surgical light ZMD-II BIOMED.

Surgical lightheads
Double-dome surgical lighthead ZMD-II
Double-dome surgical lighthead ZMD-II
paid 100%
1/1 un.
67 676 UAH
Five reflector surgical lighthead L735-IІ
Five reflector surgical lighthead L735-IІ
paid 100%
2/2 un.
38 416 UAH
Twelve reflector surgical lighthead L7412-II
Twelve reflector surgical lighthead L7412-II
paid 100%
2/2 un.
94 080 UAH
Operating tables
Operating table Biomed MT300A
Operating table Biomed MT300A
paid 50%
1/2 un.
135 744 UAH
X-ray transparent operating table Biomed MT300A
X-ray transparent operating table Biomed MT300A
paid 100%
1/1 un.
76 748 UAH

Totally:   412 664.00 UAH

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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “BLAGOCHESTYA REGIONAL FUND”
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Beneficiary: Mykolayiv Regional Charitable Foundation “Regional Foundation Blagochestya”
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Beneficiary address: UA 54000, Mykolaiv, Buznyka str. 5, 118
Beneficiary bank: Privatbank
50, Naberezhna Peremogy Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49094, Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X

Intermediary bank: Commerzbank AG ,Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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