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Mariupol Defenders

Into battle soon. Volunteers have finished equipping vehicles for marines

At the beginning of summer, the 500th (former 701st) Marine Battalion holding defense near Mariupol, was rotated. On this occasion we took away their three autos for regular check, prophylactics and some technical upgrade. One of the vehicles is a medical evacuator for which we bought and installed a special mechanism allowing to upload medical stretchers onboard. Also, we took away two Ford trucks from the set of three we, volunteers of People’s Project, had transferred to the frontline last year.


Maksym Ryabokon, coordinator at People’s Project and Uncle Vania the soul of the mechanics’ team.

A special platform and supports have been welded to the first Ford truck (the one that almost lost his bumper while heading to Mariupol): these will allow installing of a certain serious caliber which will turn the truck into a modern high-mobility version of a machine-gun cart. One can drive up, unpack the gear, eliminate the enemy and vanish before the opponent artillery wakes up. We will show you this vehicle a bit later: for the moment of photo shooting the mechanics were completing their work on the car so we chose not to interfere with their sophisticated processes.

Here is the second vehicle. Its chassis has been slightly modified to match wet autumn cross country conditions. The auto was notably elevated using customized lifting sets, and got new wheels. The body of the car has been modified as well. An armored shelter has been mounted on its platform. Today thanks to the ATO veteran and a skilled man with a marvelous pair of hands, Ivan Saveliev who is better known as Uncle Vania, the truck has been equipped by a high-precision remote control turret for a heavy machine-gun. There is also a professional thermal imager next to it: this gear is good at finding and destroying the target at maximum shooting distance under any circumstances. To detect the enemy in advance the vehicle has been equipped by a telescopic bar crowned by high-precision optics. The mechanics say this device provides clear panoramic view within a four kilometers distance range.

Soon the upgraded vehicles will head back to marines, and when they take new positions, our Ford trucks will serve them steadfastly. All expenses on re-equipping of the autos have been paid under the Rapid Response project, and you can easily track out the funds’ movement in our report. It is your contributions that make possible all necessary purchases carried out by us, People’s Project’s volunteers, for Ukraine’s military. The war is raging, and our shared benefactions aimed at support of our army, are still vital for them.

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Project Completed

Mariupol Defenders

Equipping the infantry battalion of the 36th separate brigade of marines protecting the city of Mariupol.

Military unit 2802
2 623 510 UAH (94 934 USD) needed
100% raised
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