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People’s Blindage

Soldiers wait for help. Famous volunteer told about his life at the front line

The author of the article is our good old friend, volunteer Taras Stepura. Taras spent at the front line a lot of time. He helped us to deliver blindages for the Ukrainian defenders. Also, he helped them to establish those blindages considering safety requirements. Taras can assure, that well fortified blindage will only be a benefit for a good soldier. Few words from Taras follow.


A blue-eyed commander, who could hit with a Hurricane missile a button on a camouflage of a Russian invader from a distance of 10 kilometers, liked to insert into each story well known phrase “once upon a time”. So, once upon the time, at Zenith, not far from Butivka, next to the village of Spartac, there were soldiers of 93rd, 95th and 128th units, Wild Ducks unit, along with the legendary Morgan, and his coffee shop at the terminal of Donetsk airport. Zenith was protected by the Right Sector fighters of a young Da Vinci. And scouts of Irpin from the 5th tactical battalion kept creating surprises near enemy positions in a way, so the collaborators could not get rid of them.

3Each unit fought well and had its own handwriting. For example, the 128th unit was famous by its excellent SPG shooters. They hit shells right into the windows of airport buildings. But successful fortification was not their virtue. However, the furious company of 72nd Brigade, led by Bakhmat, that firmly stands at Zenith, is a balanced unit.They can respond in a harsh way, and still have time to install blindages. One more blindage from The Peoples Project is mounted, and they wait for the next. He is not installed yet, because it is still pulverized among your wallets.

We once again want to remind, that it would be logical if the Ministry of Defense, together with fat Ukroboronprom start providing blindages for the front line, at least on the 4th year of the war. But they does not. That is why it is still just self-appointed job of the volunteers.

After the latest transfer marines engineers are happy with a new blindage, which they secretly and rapidly installed right under the noses of the invaders

We want to remind you, that reporting system of the project is recognized as the most transparent there is. Also at The Peoples Project site there is the link to a relevant section to contribute for a blindage for the Bakhmat’s company. He and his team count on your help, and are sincerely grateful.

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People’s Blindage

Blindages to protect the soldiers from enemy artillery and mortars.

2 121 971 UAH (58 027 USD) needed
100% raised
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