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Fuel control

Stop thieves! People’s Project continues to fight for army fuel

Today the officials of the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense who are in charge of material supply, have been acquainted with the performance of a few hi-end mobile complexes allowing to carry out the express analysis and control of the quality of fuel. The devices have been designed and manufactured by a private company, and in case of their compliance to high standards set by the military, the Army will initiate the procedure of purchase of this product line. According to the manufacturer, the devices are able of estimating practically any type of fuel used by the Ukrainian army, and the military, in their turn, assure that keeping to the high standards of fuel is among the main priorities for military officials, particularly in conditions of war. Because high-quality fuel is essential for operational effectiveness of the entire army.

The People’s Project volunteer center shares this view and tries to keep up with the activities on control of quality and safety of the army fuel. Still we decided to come up to this issue from a slightly different side. Within the Fuel Control initiative, we have been developing and introducing the complex allowing to completely control fuel consumption and avoid its trivial misuse.

The apparatus system installed on separate vehicles, serves this very purpose. It strictly records the amount of fuel used by the system and expended for engine performance. The data is displayed on the external tracker mounted in the driver’s cab; readings of the counter cannot be changed in any way. This feature enables to carry out maximally accurate and unbiased recording of the army fuel and hence effectively combat any misuse on the part of those tending to confuse their own property with the state’s assets. Categorically, we are declaring tough and uncompromising war on army embezzlement!

At the moment, with full support of the army commandment, our complexes have been undergoing field testing on the base of the 169th Desna Military Training center. We are going to share more details on this soon: now we are busy summing up the results of the first stage. The second phase will be their installing first on lightweight armored vehicles and later on tanks belonging to the Center.

Now to the main point. Obviously, development and testing of the equipment requires certain expenditures, but we are able to support the project only at the expense of sponsor contributions and charitable donations. That is why we are applying for your assistance once again. We understand that amid your own daily problems you may feel a bit detached of the situation with army fuel. Nevertheless, we have been also informed of the situations when our paramedics experienced lack of transport necessary for evacuating the wounded from battlefields. When our UAVs crush because of poor-quality fuel. Or just imagine how amid the fierce battle a combat vehicle’s engine fails because the supply officer sold off half of diesel fuel and diluted the rest with plain water to fit proper volume! Unfortunately, there are always people greedy of someone else’s possessions, who feel quite comfortable while stealing the state’s property, so we just have to protect the essentials affecting our fighters’ safety and, finally, to supervise the things bought at our own, taxpayers’, expense. In comparison with that the cost of the project doesn’t seem too high. So dear friends, we are urging you to participate this vital initiative. Please join in!

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Fuel control

Fuel consumption control system for military training center 'Desna'

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