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The Victors

The dream is a bit closer. We crowdfund for an ATO veteran’s prosthetics

We summed up the results of the work, and counted the amount of money collected for Mykola Poltorak during the charity run, which took place at Odessa recently. Part of the amount collected during the separate race at Odessa Half Marathon 2017, will be used to purchase a modern sports prosthesis for the ATO veteran, who lost his leg during a military operation. The amount collected is 20,475 UAH, and this is a tangible part of the required amount.

Mykola along with his son also run the entire race

The courageous man run the entire race – 2 kilometers on his usual everyday prosthetics. His son supported Mykola significantly, and run the entire distance along with him. The result of the team work is striking. Despite the heat and humidity, they confidently got to the finish. Other brave athletes run alongside with them on their carts, with crutches and on prosthetics. All those good people made an amazing effort to help Mykola.

The entire fund-raise is as part of The People’s Project charitable project “The Victors”, initiated by the Heart of the Warrior Charity Fund. This is a separate campaign, which is a part of the global multimedia social project “The Victors”, founded by the joint initiative of the TSN (1 + 1 channel) and the Viva! magazine. Through an impressive photos, video-art, specialist of the Viva! magazine, and relevant releases of the informational TV programs, the organizers bringing attention to people, who are forced to live with disabilities, and problems, which hinder the socialization. The heroes of the project are the ATO veterans, who lost their limbs during the war, but never lost their strength, never gave up, and were able to to get back to normal life as much as it is possible, despite the terrible injuries.

Mykola Poltorak was born in Odessa. He is a father of 4 children. He served at the hottest spots, before hit the enemy mine, during one of the combat missions. The leg was impossible to save, so Mykola faced the need to master the prosthetics. He never lost his spirit. His 4 children, and wife supported him well. Mykola not only uses the prosthetics, but also successfully develops its new features. For example, he develops and implements some innovative methods on practice. Running is his hobby since the army. He says, that jogging allows to remain toned, and in a good physical shape. He needs a special jogging prosthesis, because it is possible to run on a regular basis with the usual prosthetics, because in this case it is very uncomfortable, and quickly ruins the limb .

We plan to finish collecting money, and make the dream of a man come true. The total amount is 135,000 UAH. For the amount mentioned specialists partially purchase, and partially make a complex multi-component prosthesis, which will comfortably overcome serious distances. Someone will probably consider this as a luxury, and prefer Mykola to remain with what he has. But we do not think so.

For most veterans, who return from war it is hard to re-enter the peaceful life, and find their place. Consequences of the injuries, psychological burden, post-traumatic psychological disorders, and, in some cases, physical defects only worsen the general sad statistics. Public services, which take care of people, who returned from the war, and help them to adapt to a peaceful life are at a basic level, and there are not enough volunteers to cover all needs.

We are confident, that sports, running, swimming, jumping, keeping oneself in a shape, and doing your favorite business is a much better alternative. It was the sport, where some seriously injured war veterans found themselves. The “Victors” Project shows, how important it is to remain in the right mood, and keep your head up.


Another participant of the multimedia project – Sergiy Romanovskiy – shows a wonderful example. He lost his leg in a battle, and for some time suffered from the phantom pain of the lost limb. Sport became for him a peace of mind. They call him the Crossfiter, even though he runs and twists the pedals of the bike with special prosthetics. However, he swims without it. Sergiy already participated in various sports competitions, and, despite the prosthesis, final results repeatedly rub even noses of professional athletes. Just recently, Sergiy participated in the Ukrainian Triathlon Championship, and showed excellent results.

We sincerely hope for your participation, and effective help. Your contributions to The “Victors” Project, each dollar of your donations bring Mykola Poltorak closer to a new stage of life, and the opportunity to do his favorite thing. Dear friends, Mykola gave up his health for the peace of each of us. It would be honest to give him some gratitude.

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Project Completed

The Victors

Fundraising for a sports prosthesis for athletes wounded during ATO.

444 414 UAH (16 081 USD) needed
100% raised
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