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Elite Training for Military

The Elite Training for Military Progect ends in a grand competition

November the 13th is called the day to sum up the second phase of The Elite Training for Military Project in a grand finale labeled The Cross-Fit Benchmark. The two-month training course comes to an end and the participants have to show their skills on practice. Everything will be arranged in the form of competition where along with the participants will take place representatives of various types of troops.


The Cross-fit benchmark is the team competition for teams of three members each. Competition consist of individual exercise program and a team program. Refined form of sport in its triumph along with team spirit and effort on the edge is all together a grand spectacle which won’t leave anyone an indifferent spectator.


Olena Savchenko and Valeriy Kysel’ are the inspiration of The Elite Training for Military Project

In competition will take part not only the participants of The Elite Training for Military Project. According to organizers the teams of soldiers from various military branches keep enroll. On the ground will meet soldiers from the National Guard, paratroopers, marines and pilots. If the budget of the competition allow even civil citizens would be able to take part. Military and civil participants will be rewarded separately. It is interesting to see how cross-fit lovers will stand against trained athletes who are engaged in their own training programs or train without qualified trainers.


Valeriy Kysel’ and participants of the project

The organizer and inspirer of The Elite Training for Military Project Valeriy Kysel’ explains the necessity of benchmarks as a tool to standardize athletic training around the world so they can perform exercises using the same system. Also, it gives athletes a great opportunity to compare the effectiveness of their training, even if they are from different countries.


One of the trainers of the project is Pavlo Siren’kyy

The Elite Training for Military Project is a joint initiative of The People’s Project and highly qualified cross-fit trainers such as Valeriy Kysel’ and Olena Savchenko. Among the others in  the training are also engaged other cross-fit specialists such as Pavlo Siren’kyyDmytro Polikovskyy, Andriy Indychko and Anton Bodnar. For two months trainers taught participants the basics of the safe move and effective training load. The overall objective of the project is to prepare twenty military in order to improved their own physical health and give them an opportunity to act as trainers for their colleagues. The Cross-Fit Benchmark challenge should demonstrate that cross-fit with its structured and complex exercises is a great athletic discipline for the army.


Two months of coaching effort dedicated to the army should be rewarded

Unfortunately, the total amount of the project is not yet collected. Although the immediate costs of the project was financed in advance, the hard work of the whole team of the coaches remained unpaid. Two months of intense work on the bare enthusiasm, two months of efforts exclusively at their own expense. Amount is still to be collected and donations for the project would come perfect right now.

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Elite Training for Military

A project for training military instructors in CrossFit

152 510 UAH (4 192 USD) needed
100% raised
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