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Mariupol Defenders

The marines and the travel to the front line

There has been said a lot about the travels of The People’s Project volunteers to the front line. They constantly bring ammunition and equipment for the marines that keep defense of Mariupol. We would like to share all impressions from one of the last travels in more details.

Imagers, various optics, generators, thermal underwear – all the variety of aid, that can be useful for the marines on the front line is brought to them regularly. Especially in such unstable weather. More about the journey from the first hands of Serge Marko.

Morning. The checkpoint near the Urzuf. From our car we can see the lights of the Mitsubishi Pajero that we brought for the defenders during our last trip. It is very difficult to not recognize the car, in which you have invested so much effort. We are greeted by the soldiers and immediately go to the base of the battalion 701.


On our way to the base in the car with the marines

Exhausted after the night of 800 kilometers long travel we are met by the battalion commander Vadym Sukharev himself and the soldiers of the battalion. It is so nice to meet the soldiers of your own country who protects it from the enemy.


Road to Mariupol

Outside the tent the Infantry Fighting Vehicle keeps shooting. Through all that noise we try to fill in the papers for the delivered aid. The number of thermal imagers, night vision devices, sights, binoculars should be counted and transferred. The list is quite long, but we should make it before the darkness.


Documents is a very important part of the volunteers’ job

We knew two months ago, that the battalion will come to the front line and take the hottest spots near the Mariupol. All the soldiers of the battalion are eager to show themselves in practice. But the battalion has serious problems with the inventory. The crew 36 is a huge organism that is not easy to supply with everything necessary.


Serg Marko unloads delivered inventory and equipment

Being on the positions of the battalion 701 in Mariupol, our eyes always see some familiar things. The night vision optics in the hands of the scout, binoculars in hands of the soldier on the position, a machine gunner with our pipe, an imager in hands of the soldier. It sounds funny, but for defense of the city the critical role can be played by ordinary pants. Thermal underwear is very important for the defender to stand against the cold, and focus on the military tasks.


Manager of The People’s Project Maksym Riabokon is holding one of the most modern sights, delivered for the military

Thanks to the donations of all people around the world we are able to provide defenders with the most essential equipment. We partially covered the need in night vision optics, imagers, various kinds of optics, tablets, weather stations etc. We brought underwear and equipment, and supplied the defenders with the necessary vehicles.


Martin Brest works with one of the optic pipes

Right here on the front line you can really understand why each and every dollar of the donations is so important for the defenders of Ukraine. If you know that on you side is not just the truth but the power and support of many people around the globe, the enemy will not be able to succeed.


This small report for the The Mariupol Defenders Project is not the last one. We are going to continue to supply the defenders of Ukraine with all the necessary inventory to help them protect the land of Ukraine against the enemy. Thanks to the donations collected through The People’s Project the volunteers are able to help soldiers with the necessary equipment. You can be the one saving someone’s life with help of your donation to the  The Mariupol Defenders Project.

15/11/2016Rangefinder Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B1 13 750.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Night vision monocular Armasight Prime Digital 6x1 4 246.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Laser pointer Tac Vector Viperwolf Green / IR15 22 758.75delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Foregrip15 2 760.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016SCTM-16 30mm Tactical Low Weaver Mount2 610.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Rifle scope Bushnell ET6245F 6-24x50 FFP 30mm2 45 900.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Side rail dovetail mount15 2 430.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Side mount15 3 645.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Handguard15 4 500.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Red dot sight Holosun HS403A15 32 760.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Battery Maxell CR203215 70.95delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Binoculars Yukon Pro 10x502 4 360.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Thermal scope Apex XD751 104 550.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Weather station for mortar battery2 102 270.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Tablet 7.03 6 807.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Night vision device Armasight Sirius IDI MG5 125 550.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Spotting Scope Yukon 6-100x1001 --delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Tactical rifle sling15 --delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Tool kit Sigma 3/81 --delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Army binoculars Bostron 10X502 5 800.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Tactical eyewear34 17 000.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Tactical backpack 40 liters10 8 500.00delivered to military unit 2802
15/11/2016Spotting scope Bushnell 20x60-65 Troph2 --delivered to military unit 2802
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Project Completed

Mariupol Defenders

Equipping the infantry battalion of the 36th separate brigade of marines protecting the city of Mariupol.

Military unit 2802
2 623 510 UAH (94 934 USD) needed
100% raised
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