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O.R. Upgrade

The People’s Project completes 100th project

The People’s Project has completed its 100th project. O.R. Upgrade is officially in place: all the equipment is installed in the surgical operating hospital, all the necessary papers have been issued, and recently we visited the doctors and appreciated the results of our joint efforts with our own eyes.


The newest table set up and ready to go

During the project, we reconfigured three operational units of the Third Urban Emergency Hospital in Cherkasy. This was after we were approached by the local surgeons: the equipment was hopelessly out of date, so we decided to save doctors and patients alike from working or being treated in such primitive conditions.


The new lamp does not require an additional nurse to operate it


…to adjust the new operating table is simple, avoiding the need to dirty sterile hands

The old lamps were on their last legs, they had to be operated by a separate medical sister, and the tables, which were actively used daily for half a century, have long exhausted their use-by date once and were presenting the surgeons with unpleasant surprises.


This operating table is a surgeon’s dream 

Of course, under such circumstances, we could not refuse assistance. At first, we planned to install one set of equipment – one new table and one new lamp. But almost immediately, after some reflection, we decided not to do half-measures and re-equip all surgical units.

The old tables have been laid to rest. We pay tribute: helping to save people for more than half a century

Generous and numerous donations from people helped us to carry out the whole plan. Long-standing friends and partners of The People’s Project joined together to support the project. The funds donated allowed us to complete the entire project quickly and fully meet the professional needs of doctors. During the project, we collected more than 400,000 UAH, for this money we bought: three modern operating tables, one pocket double-chamber lamp, two main table lamps with separate additional fixtures.


The charity project started in the spring. The doctors themselves say: it was hoped that fundraising, procurement and all work would be completed at least by the end of the year. But thanks to the help of the people who donated funds for this project and the participation of  Just Donate! The whole initiative was completed in less than three months.


Dr Ihor Hayda, the surgeon who initiated the entire project

The project O.R Upgrade gave us all invaluable experience. Once again we are convinced how easy it is to do good, especially by joining forces and with the support of wonderful people.


So it is the end of cooperation, but the beginning of good friendship. News from the doctors, is we have helped to create decent human conditions for work. The example of these surgeons showed: sometimes it is just as simple as asking for help. We are always ready to help those people who save and help others or radically change their environment, and with it and the whole country, for the better. Therefore, if you have an idea of ​​some great charity project that can help other people or make someone else’s life easier – ask us. We are always ready to cooperate.

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Project Completed

O.R. Upgrade

A gift for surgeons, operating equipment - powerful lighting blocks and convenient operating tables.

412 664 UAH (15 888 USD) needed
100% raised
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