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Urban sport. Troyeshchyna

The veterans fight against violence

Yesterday the founder of Pizza Veterano pizzeria, veteran, our good friend and volunteer of The People’s Project Leonid Ostaltsev witnessed the unfortunate incident. His good friends asked him for help. They complained, about some unknown villains, who tried to steal their small automobile repair business. Owners of the Automobile Repair Station are the young guys. The father of one of them currently protects Ukraine as a commander of a battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine. Leonid wrote about this in one of his posts.

The veterans were heavily shocked. Despite the advice of their friends, and their righteous anger, veterans never used a force, and solved an issue in a civilized manner. However, they reminded, that if that will repeat once again, there would be no dialogue anymore. It will be a war.

This is one of many kinds of a manifestation of a criminal wave, which Leonid Ostaltsev predicted 2 years ago, when his business was only getting on its feet. Back then he observed, that an important mission of the veterans after the war is not to carry the orders, but to prevent a tyranny of the criminals. When a man returns to a civil life, he has only 2 options. He either self-develop and launches a business, or acts destructively, and gets into a crime.


Veteran and an initiator of The Urban Sport. Troyeshchyna Project Leonid Ostaltsev  

With a time Leonid Ostaltsev along with veterans and supporters launched a remarkable initiative The Urban Sport. Troyeshchyna Project, which is a social project for the children from a criminal district of Kyiv. According to Leonid, he grew up on Troyeshchyna, and observed, how lives of his peers developed. Some of them got into stealing, some of them got in a prison, some became drunks or drugs addicts. However, there are many of those, who in their youth got into sport, which saved them from the slippery paths. Not all of them became professional basketball players, but today there are many businessmen, bankers, and just good people among his colleagues, with whom Leonid threw a ball into the ring.


The developer of The Urban Sport. Troyeshchyna Project Igor Koloda

Given the situation, which took place recently, veteran is now even more convinced, that he chosen the correct vector of activity.

“Money had to be earn in an honest way. People must go into sport to win medals, and help the weak. And that is it!” – said Leonid Ostaltsev, describing his position.

It is not the evil 90th anymore, that is true, and Ukraine is a civilized state. If you do not want to see criminals on the streets of Kyiv, than help the young, and invest into the future. The first step was already done by the ATO veterans. And now its your turn to help them with some money in terms of The Urban Sport. Troyeshchyna Project.

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Urban sport. Troyeshchyna

Fundraising for a modern sports facility for the Kyiv suburb of Troyeshchyna

81 000 UAH (2 931 USD) needed
100% raised
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