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Elite Training for Military

There would be the cross-fit in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is ready

The international scientific-practical conference ‘The improvement of the physical training at the Armed Forces of Ukraine in modern conditions, and bringing it to the standards of compatibility with armies of NATO members countries’ took place at the Ivan Chernyakhovskiy National Defense University of Ukraine during the 13-14th of December.

This wasn’t just some other boring conference. This was a real opportunity to contact the officials of the Ministry of Defense and offer them something, that can increase the effectiveness of the physical training at the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

When we launched The Elite Training for Military Project we had a clear conviction that the project will eventually expand from the Mykolayiv to other cities, and push up the changes to the system of the military training. The main goal is to change the approach to the physical training at the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thanks to the people’s donations we already prepared more than forty cross-fit coaches. Now it is a turn for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine officials to bring in the changes and distribute the cross-fit technique among the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The coordinators of The Elite Training for Military Project Valeriy Kysel and Olena Savchenko made presentations for the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to tell about the results of the training and express some proposals for the implementation of the cross-fit physical training system at the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The implementation of the system changes for the training of the military at the Armed Forces of Ukraine is possible only with the joined effort of the volunteers and representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


Olena Savchenko before the conference

At the conference Valeriy Kysel made a report on the topic ‘The organization of the training of the cross-fit coaches at the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’. And Olena Savchenko reported on the topic ‘The experience of the cross-fit training for the military at Mykolayiv’.

The volunteers shared their successful experience of  The Elite Training for Military Project. It was organized by The People’s Project. Now there is two groups of graduates of The Elite Training for Military Project, who finished the basic training program, delivered by the cross-fit instructors at Mykolayiv.


The most important thing is that the representatives carefully listened to the reports and showed their support to the implementation of the cross-fit to the physical training program at the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The volunteers are now welcomed for the further discussion. And it makes us one step closer to the switching to the military standards of the NATO countries.


Olena Savchenko is happy about the progress of the project

For the reference: The cross-fit is a training technique developed in the USA by Greg Glassman and Lauren Dzhenay in 2000. It is based on a variety of power and functional exercises, that are performed with high intensity. In the world practice cross-fit is widely used by the specialists for the physical training of the soldiers and fighters of special units, because this discipline trains the force, power, cardiovascular, respiratory and general endurance, speed, accuracy, balance, agility and flexibility, that are so important in their profession. The main advantage of the program is its versatility. In United States, Canada, Denmark and some other countries during the past few years is increasing the number of troops, where the cross-fit is taken as a basic training program for the preparation of the soldiers.

The Elite Training for Military Project is an initiative of the volunteer of The People’s Project Valery Kisel. This project is financed at the expense of the donations. Forty universal soldiers were successfully prepared to be the instructors in terms of the cross-fit training program. They now teach to the cross-fit their colleagues in the army. The second wave of the graduates of the project was recently released. But we still have not collected all the required amount of the money for the project. Over 30,000 UAH is still needed.

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Elite Training for Military

A project for training military instructors in CrossFit

152 510 UAH (4 170 USD) needed
100% raised
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