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Elite Training for Military

Training with CrossFit

On May 7 the sixth of 12 sessions of CrossFit training was held.

The guys program included push-ups, performing deadlifts and practicing yoga.

And our coaches shared a CrossFit training principle (threshold training), which probably will be useful to the soldiers during battle. Exercising these principles, the military will be properly distributed on the battlefield, will have greater control of the situation and their movements, eventually resulting in an advantage over the enemy.

Frequent back pain is common among military personnel due to constantly wearing heavy gear, carrying weapons in their hands or on the shoulder meaning the musculoskeletal of each soldier undergoes a lot of loading. The consequence of this pain can spell disaster on the battlefield, where there should be no limiting factors or distractions to a soldier’s performance.
Military personnel (as well as civilians) need to know how to and be able to stabilize their “median line”.

All body movements in CrossFit need to be performed safely and efficiently. The CrossFit method teaches people how to properly and efficiently transmit force from the core of the body to the limbs, avoiding injuries. Each movement may include working different muscle groups, and leverage. But almost all moves require a steady and stable midline spine.

The rib cage and pelvic bones are very strong, interconnected, but also moving, and therefore they are vulnerable to a very rigid lumbar spine. For efficient transfer of force and prevent injury, the athlete should be able to stabilize the lumbar spine – (the “median line”). Stabilization should place stress on the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles without using the auxiliary belts.

In fact, the human body is unique, it is difficult but we have to best learn to use what nature has provided.

Initially, before attempting a movement, peticipants in CrossFit should take a deep breath, exhale fully while tightening the stomach and buttock muscles.
The middle line is considered stable when chest balanced above the hips and pelvis from the lumbar spine which forms the only monolithic lever. This stability is maintained throughout the movement.

This skill directly transfer into everyday life. Learning to keep 20 percent of the abdominal muscles constantly tensed,  you keep the vertebral discs aligned and will not experience back problems.

The procedure to be followed by the athletes and coaches is as follows:

1. The form of movement.
2. The technique of movement.
3. Intensity.

Finding a balance between form, technique and intensity – is exactly what you need to achieve in a CrossFit lesson. This is a kind of artform, while maintaining good technique of movement. However control may affect the achievement of adaptive incentives. Therefore there is a need to train and shape the control techniques of movement at higher speeds, and CrossFit teaches this.

By maintaning control and technique through high speed movements – power also increases.

Performing  the movement correctly leaves participants feeling good, with no pain in the joints.

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Elite Training for Military

A project for training military instructors in CrossFit

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