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Mariupol Defenders

Volunteers deliver Marines tasked with defense of Mariupol four vehicles

The Marines of 701st Battalion, who defend positions in Mariupol, have been presented vehicles by volunteers. Jointly The People Project, Narodniy Til and DAR have supplemented the defense fleet with a minibus and three SUVs. The acquisition was made possible by the organizational efforts of volunteers Serg MarcoOleksiy Sikharulidze (Narodniy Til), Roman Sinitsina,   Oleksandr Grebenyuka (DAR) and Maksim Ryabakon (People’s Project). All coordinated their efforts and raised funds for the purchase of the vehicles.


People’s Project co-ordinator Maksim Ryabakon at the wheel of one of the vehicles

The issue of transportation arose at the front from the first days of the war and this issue was dealt with swiftly by volunteers. SUVs, vans and passenger veicles, often painted camouflage and in other schemes. The vehicles were sourced from across the European Union – Poland and Lithuania, and Bulgaria, and other countries rapidly changung the the situation from the beginning of the ATO.


Now, this powerful vehicle serves our defenders

When it came to one of the SUVs an amusing situation happened. When we unloaded the gear volunteers took to the soldiers near Mariupol, one of the Marines complained quietly to himself “oh, well, there is also a car, and our unit probably will not get it”…He was overheard the by the commander of the Marines, the legendary Vadym Sukharev. Abruptly turned and instead of reprimanding the soldier on, as often happens in the army – he immediately handed him the keys to the vehicle. The soldier could barely believe what was happening, “me? Really?” “Yes, you, my friend, of course, you! Go, protect the homeland. An SUV is the least we can do to thank you and ease your service,” the commander replied.


Military bloggers Martin Brest and Yana Kholodnaya. Incidentally, the Marines gave Martin his own vehicle

Medical evacuation at a military base. The SUV is equipped with a machine-gun turret. Crossover, where the commander spends all the day monitoring positions and coordinating the actions of the soldiers of his unit. Today on the front you can see any product of the global automotive industry. The role of transport at the front area cannot be underestimated, to carry ammunition, and quickly reach a destination. All this can be quickly done only with vehicles. And thanks to volunteers older vehicles from Europe are being given a second lease of life. Already finding a decent SUV for a good price abroad has become quite difficult: the lion’s share of cheap vehicles are now working in the Donbas.


And this visit to the front is far from the last for the volunteers. We continue to make every effort to ensure soldiers have all necessary equipment. From vehicles to machinery and other modern equipment – we continue to buy our all this for Ukraine’s defenders. Especially for those operating at the front face-to-face with the enemy. And today, despite all the peace agreements the terrorists perceive as a joke, the war in the East continues. Ukraine’s defenders continue to need our help. Get involved in the project Mariupol Defenders, every donation is converted into necessities for Ukraine’s soldiers.

06/10/2016Pajero Wagon1 67 600.00delivered to military unit 2802, waiting for documents
06/10/2016Ford Transit1 37 000.00delivered to military unit 2802, waiting for documents
06/10/2016Land Rover Freelander1 33 800.00delivered to military unit 2802, waiting for documents
06/10/2016Ford Ranger, repaired1 8 000.00delivered to military unit 2802, waiting for documents
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Project Completed

Mariupol Defenders

Equipping the infantry battalion of the 36th separate brigade of marines protecting the city of Mariupol.

Military unit 2802
2 623 510 UAH (94 934 USD) needed
100% raised
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