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SHARK UAV for the intelligence of Ukraine

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Updated 19.07.2024 at 16:30


A drone capable of operating in the enemy's rear, conducting reconnaissance and providing target designation for artillery and missile systems.

Urgent fundraising for Ukrainian Armed Forces.

We can write your name or a message to russia on the UAV and send you a photo!

There is a special species of shark in Ukraine – sharp, precise, bloodthirsty, and very angry with russia. These sharks serve the Ukrainian army with great dedication. You can purchase them to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The Shark UAV is a game-changer in the world of unmanned aerial systems. It was developed by a Ukrainian company in response to the urgent need for protection against russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and has since undergone testing in the most severe combat conditions.


Ukrainians were able to independently raise funds for 25 SHARK UAV. But we need more drones to change the course of the war and protect the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. So don't stay on the sidelines – together we can achieve great things!


With a range of up to 80 km and a flight time of 4 hours, the Shark UAV is an invaluable asset for reconnaissance. It allows for clear identification, high-altitude recognition, and targeting of artillery and missile systems such as the M777 Howitzer and M142 HIMARS. Moreover, it provides enough time for decision-making and adjustments, making it an effective tool for enemy destruction.

Sharp and stable image – it is exactly what the military needs during mission performance.
Shark UAV is equipped with the homemade USG-231 camera system to perform surveillance and reconnaissance over the point of interest.

The Shark UAV is equipped with advanced electronic protection measures that make it highly resistant to electronic warfare (EW) attacks.

This means that even if the enemy attempts to jam or disrupt its communication systems, the Shark UAV can continue to operate and fulfill its mission, providing valuable intelligence to the Ukrainian military. This protection from EW is a critical advantage in modern warfare, as it allows for the uninterrupted operation of the drone and ensures that critical information is not lost.


Safety is also a top priority for the Shark UAV. By being operated at a safe distance from the front line, this drone keeps its crew out of harm's way while providing strategic advantage. In fact, timely information about the enemy's location can be the key to successful defense, saving countless Ukrainian lives and neutralizing the enemy.



One of the most impressive features of the Shark is its ease of use. Operators can start using the drone to perform tasks with precision and efficiency in just 30 minutes.

All in all, the Shark UAV is one of the most crucial tools in Ukraine's fight for sovereignty and freedom. With its impressive features and ability to operate in even the harshest of conditions, this drone is sure to be a game-changer on the battlefield.

Turnkey solutions, ensuring that the team has everything necessary for a successful mission right from the start. The complex even includes spare components in case the primary ones are lost or damaged during the mission.


We can write your name or a message to russia on the UAV and send you a photo!

The donor with the highest total donation in the collection will have the opportunity to leave a message or their nickname on the drone!

Once the collection is complete, we will email the mission leaders with a request for a name or message. This name will be displayed on the drone, so all members of the Drone Squad and subscribers of the unit's social media will see it on video. Additionally, the mission leaders will receive exclusive content as a thank you from the unit, which will receive funded equipment.

The top three donors will receive official certificates from the military command. We will send them to any country in the world!

Please leave your email address in the comment section when making a donation.

The project was created with the support of Dronesquad, a team of volunteers, philanthropists, military personnel, and top-tier Ukrainian weapons manufacturers who have come together to support the Ukrainian military.

The end date of the collection is 30.07

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  • 15August2023

    The project budget has been increased by 10 000 000 UAH


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