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FPV drones version 4.0

373 people donated
396 199 uah (10 383 USD)
of 1 100 000 uah (28 827 USD)
36% raised
Updated 03.03.2024 at 4:55


FPV (First Person View) drone is a practical and modern unmanned aerial vehicle with a video camera, the main purpose of which is to destroy enemy equipment remotely. In the framework of hostilities, they are highly effective because they allow the hunting of Russian equipment at a safe distance, reducing the risk to the lives of Ukrainian defenders. Therefore, we are announcing a new project to collect funds for FPV quadcopters that will be provided to the 79th Air Assault Brigade.

Total cost: $28925 (1 000 000 hryvnias)

We are collecting 35 daytime and 35 nighttime

Total: 70 drones

How do FPV drones differ from regular ones, and why are they important for the military?

When using an FPV drone, the operator puts on special glasses and controls the aircraft from the first person, which allows one to direct the drone and destroy enemy equipment in real-time effectively. The video stream is transmitted directly to the pilot's screen, which creates the effect of full immersion in the battle. They have a number of differences from ordinary drones:

  • Extremely high flight speed of up to 100 km/h and ease of maneuvering due to low weight;

  • First-person control, which gives more control over the UAV;

  • Possibility to replace any parts and complete the drone according to the operator's needs.

Every donation you make on an FPV drone reduces the units of Russian ammunition and equipment. Help Ukrainian defenders to give their answer to the Shaheds who are haunting Ukrainian cities. Let them make real aerial hell against the invaders with these kamikaze drones to destroy the enemy and liberate the Ukrainian land!


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Raised: 396 199 UAH(10 383 USD)
Still needed 703 801 UAH(18 444 USD)
Spent 0 UAH(0 USD)
Balance 396 199 UAH(10 383 USD)
396 199 UAH (10 383 USD)
Settlement account UA963052990000026004021713245
02/03/2423:56500 UAH 515547*86
02/03/2412:1613 EUR 446272*10
02/03/2409:581 000 UAH 535432*04
02/03/2408:32500 UAH 537541*21
01/03/2422:2917 USD 459661*63
28/02/2418:31200 UAH ******1354
28/02/2416:532 000 UAH 492181*54
28/02/2413:322 000 UAH
27/02/2421:00100 UAH 516874*07
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 396 199.00 UAH (10 400 USD)
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