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Project Completed

First People’s UAV Complex

478 people donated
748 319 uah (18 036 USD)
of 737 400 uah (17 772 USD)
100% raised
Updated 31.10.2016 at 15:00
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1 Drone ribbon
The First People’s UAV Complex – is the first Ukrainian drone designed for aerial reconnaissance and monitoring of enemy movement and locations. The drone is equipped with a gyro-stabilized gimbal with day view and thermal cameras. With its spacial sensors and electric motors, the gyro-stabilized gimbal compensates vibration and sudden maneuvers of the aircraft, thereby providing for stability and the smooth movement of the two cameras, which in turn allow for shooting high-quality video both by day (using 30x day view camera) and at night (using a thermal camera).
The number of cases of the enemy using radio-electronic interference against Ukrainian UAVs significantly increased recently. This type of technology is designed to jam UAV control and video signals and GPS navigation. This led to the question of developing measures that could provide for more or less normal use of UAVs regardless of countermeasures on the part of the enemy. After analyzing the problem, we have developed a range of technical solutions. Thus, our plane can continue a mission or automatically return to its starting point if it detects external interference in the communication systems or navigation. It uses an inertial navigation system, which through the built-in position sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, etc) tracks the direction of the plane and its current position relative to its start position.

2 Drone ribbon-smaller-engl

3 meters
Flight time
more than 5 hours
Cruising altitude
up to 2000 meters
Cruising speed
90 kilometers per hour
Maximum speed
140 kilometers per hour
Real time video and telemetry transmission range
40 kilometers
8 kilograms
Weight of fully loaded plane
23 kilograms

Functions and features

  • Automatic flight on a given route;

  • Auto-return in case of GPS failure or signal interference;

  • Inertial navigation system;

  • GPS navigation system;

  • Automatic takeoff and landing;

  • Encrypted digital channels, telemetry data and video.

Video of our UAV in test flight

Please note: the video from the UAV was recorded from the monitor of the ground station, thus resulting in poor image quality. Videos received by the operator during the flight are of better quality.

1-gimbal big-engl

Two cameras are installed on the gyro-stabilized gimbal, a day view camera with 30x zoom and thermal camera. This provides for effective use of UAV both day and night.

To pr-thermal-new-new-withGimbal-engl

The thermal camera provides for quick and effective identification of an accumulation of machinery and manpower.
Usually drones fly at a high altitudes in conditions of strong vibration, wind and turbulence meaning video from the plane may be illegible. To resolve this problem position sensors (accelerometers) are built into the gyro-stabilized gimbal. The sensors track even smallest changes in the position of the gimbal in space and send a command to electric motors to compensate for external influences. In addition, we use an electronic image stabilization board to avoid even small vibrations in the video and provide a clear image. Below you can see a video showing the capabilities of our gimbal.


  • Day view camera with 30x zoom;

  • Quality thermal camera with resolution of 640×540 pixels and frequency of 30 Hz;

  • Gyro-stabilized platform;

  • Electronic image stabilization module;

  • 360 degree turning mechanism;

  • Ability to be used in all weather conditions;

  • Weight 1650 grams.



Video of how our gimbal platform works

The operator sees not only the image from the drone, but all telemetric data: speed, altitude, the UAV’s coordinates, distance from the point of take-off, direction from the take-off point, the temperature and speed of the ICE (internal combustion engine), etc. In this mode, the on-board camera records the photo and videos of the highest quality that can be used for further analysis after the drone returns. Also, the operator sees the operational UAV location on a satellite map. However, at any stage of the flight theoperator can specify a point on the map or route where the UAV must go.

1-Ground control station-big-engl

The portable ground station is designed as a box with all necessary equipment fitted inside it. The box has protection against mechanical damages and inclement weather conditions. The portable ground station was designed to meet all the needs of operators. It allows the user to start operation and review video information anywhere.

2-Ground control station-small-engl

  • Digital receiver Diversity, with ability to connect two antennas;

  • DVR (digital video recorder) for recording and playing video;

  • Can be powered from batteries, from 220 V or from a car battery;

  • Laptop to manage and control the autopilot;

  • Monitor to display recorded images;

  • Usable in any weather conditions;

  • Up to five hours operation from an autonomous battery;

  • Protection against mechanical damage;

  • Box Dimensions 102x40x16 centimeters;

  • Weight 10 kilograms.

1-equipment of vehicle-engl
The van is fully prepared for safe transportation of the UAV and personnel. For the comfort and convenience of drone operators there is folding table that can carry the ground station installed.

Where does the money go?

Funds are being raised for the production of a UAV complex that consists of a drone with ICE (internal combustion engine), gyro-stabilized gimbal with high-quality thermal and day view cameras, a van and portable control station.
We already have a clear understanding of what drones should be equipped with to improve their performance.

  • 25September2015

    Project budget reduced by UAH 27 470, due to reduction of the price of the gyro-stabilized gimbal.

  • 28April42015

    Project's budget increased by UAH 70 400. UAV ground control station added to the project and the price of the minivan has changed.

paid 100%
1/1 un.
122 400 UAH
A van equipped with ground station control, antennas and other equipment
Unmanned aerial vehicle
Unmanned aerial vehicle
paid 100%
1/1 un.
440 350 UAH
Fully equipped UAV platform
Gyro-stabilized multi-sensor gimbal
Gyro-stabilized multi-sensor gimbal
paid 100%
1/1 un.
126 650 UAH
Dual sensor (EO and IR) gimbal designed for UAV
UAV ground control station
UAV ground control station
paid 100%
1/1 un.
48 000 UAH
portable ground station in the form of a case with all essential equipment installed

Totally:   737 400.00 UAH


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 748 319 UAH(18 036 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 737 400 UAH(17 772 USD)
Balance 10 919 UAH(263 USD)
748 319 UAH (18 036 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
28/04/15Minivan Volkswagen Transporter Syncro 1122400 UAHSponsorship
Total: 122 400 UAH (2 950 USD)
Transfer from unfulfilled projects
DateFrom projectAmount
06/04/15First People’s Tank198141.00 UAH
06/04/15First People’s Helicopter35000.00 UAH
Total: 233 141.00 UAH

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27/08/1501:30500 UAH ******8432
24/08/1520:4350 USD ******3036
22/08/1523:141 000 UAH ******8500
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22/08/1515:431 500 UAH ******2641
21/08/1520:51100 UAH ******9911
21/08/1518:2820 EUR ******1379
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 392 778.00 UAH (9 517 USD)
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737 400 UAH (17 772 USD)
Current project spending
25/09/2015Minivan Volkswagen Transporter Syncro1 122 400.00delivered
25/09/2015PD-1 UAV (plane with internal combustion engine, gimbal and ground control )1 615 000.00delivered to reconnaissance unit
Total: 737 400.00 UAH (17 772 USD)