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Attention! The situation on the frontline: aggravation

Dear friends, we have got some very disturbing...

Attention! The situation on the frontline: aggravation

Attention! The situation on the frontline: aggravation

Dear friends, we have got some very disturbing news: the number of enemy shelling and its intensity in the frontline has considerably increased lately. We offer you an operative summary: looks like the war that disappeared from TV screens and newspapers, is fiercely flaring up again.

The enemy is intensively shelling our guys using small arms, sometimes mortars and grenade launchers. Of course, enemy snipers are working as well. We try to restore the current situation following live operational summaries provided by the Ukrainian military TV. Near Krymske, terrorists are attacking our forces periodically which looks like their commanders decided to reduce their livestock. Well, the Ukrainian military are glad to assist in annihilation of all armed scum.

It is rather hot near Popasna: the enemy has renewed high intensity of shelling and is equipping new positions – the guys holding the line in the forefront told us about this.

The most interesting video was filmed near Avdiivka: Ukrainian military TV’s reporters who visited the frontline in the night time, have experienced the “silence mode” performed by the terrorist forces; moreover, the journalists themselves got under the fire that night. The video is titled “No change”: the title implies that shelling has been on for a few days, so the situation remains tense even today.

The official report issued by the ATO HQ press-center, summarizes: militants committed 15 violations of Minsk agreements; our military responded both effectively and efficaciously within the allowed limits. Bitterly enough, but as the result of hostile shelling we are losing: social networks inform of 4 casualties. Still, the ATO HQ clarifies that two soldiers were killed in action and two more fighters were killed in booby-trap blasts; another four soldiers were wounded in action. We know that even one killed Ukrainian fighter makes a terrible and irretrievable loss. Because we are losing our best men, the defenders who are risking their lives and health to resist the onrush of the occupants.

Not being too emotional we just propose the ways of effective assistance for our military. Within the «Rapid Response» project, we accumulate funds and buy the most necessary equipment for the units holding the frontline. If each of us donates just a few hryvnias, we will be able to equip a small military unit and provide our fighters with ammunition helpful in saving their lives and demolishing the enemy. Dear friends, please do not hesitate to join us as you can see for yourselves how chancy the “silence” in the frontline is, so our defenders need our support all the time.