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The first spring report: look whom and how we have supported

A new disaster outbreak gripped the whole world as...

The first spring report: look whom and how we have supported

The first spring report: look whom and how we have supported

A new disaster outbreak gripped the whole world as well as Ukraine. A novel virus infection that brings in dangerous consequences for people’s life and well-being, has forced officials to take desperate measures in attempts to stop spreading of the disease. As proven by global experience, the highest possible restrictive measures helps lessen the expansion of the infection and to protect if not individuals then the most vulnerable segments of population, namely our senior people and those having immune conditions, that is those most endangered, against the spread of the virus.

Well, in our turn we urge everyone to follow the advisory provided by the WHO (sorry but their website does not provide any pages in Ukrainian) and the local authorities, but above all the common sense considerations. It feels rather annoying to shift to the lifestyle implying lots of restrictions, still we must maximally limit our socializing and going out as well as take special care of our personal safety, namely to wash our hands thoroughly and avoid touching the face, as well as to use medical face masks (in case you’re lucky to find these in pharmacies), protecting medical gloves and various disinfectants. 

Actually, these recommendations mostly refer to living in peaceful conditions. Yet we must remember that it has been for the seventh consecutive year that Ukraine opposes another infection. The contagion of the “Russian world” has got heavily ingrained into the Ukrainian Crimea and a part of Donbas. And we have only one guaranteed effective remedy against the spreading of this bacilli and destruction of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army.

Well, in view of the upcoming period of social isolation we invite you to look back and evaluate the scales of the job we’ve managed to do together with you over the recent period of time. ‘Cause only together we can succeed in implementation of the chief mission we must carry on continuously any time: supporting our military. So let us wash our hands, dear friends, and take on summarizing the first accomplishments of spring. The last months have turned out to be highly productive as regards the project

Rapid Response

We have completed repair and maintenance works and then sent some  interesting equipment, a piece of a fancy movie-like gear, to another combat unit. We mean the machine gun turret with remote control that allows the operator to accurately and effectively eliminate the enemy while seated in a disguised shelter and taking no extra risks. Previously, this very turret had already proven highly effective in several hot spots, so we are pretty sure that it will come in handy for our defenders in the future as well. Naturally, the maintenance required certain expenditures.

Звітуємо: передали військовим кулеметну турель

Similarly, we also supported our military medics once again: earlier, we had bought and sent three medical backpacks containing loads of life-saving equipment to the paramedics of the same unit. Now, we purchased two medical simulators for them: these will help the paramedics practice their skills in stopping bleeding and treatment of life-threatening wounds. Let them practice on lifeless plastic dummies rather than on living people.

Similarly, within a separate regular initiative, we also supported another combat paramedics unit. Today we can talk about them quite openly: it is a unit of the SSU SpecOps’ regional subdivision A, or Alpha. Some time ago, we bought them similar medical simulators, and the guys are sincerely grateful for this transfer. Unfortunately, we cannot show you the relevant video of their training because it looks rather too realistic with the fountains of blood and some young medics swearing in the background. Still be sure that this equipment came in exceptionally handy for them.

Рани та кровотечі: погляньте, яке корисне жахіття передали для “Альфи”

This time, we bought them a portable defibrillator along with some other useful specific essentials that will save lives of wounded in a battle. It should be mentioned that the unit itself actively participates in combat missions on either side of the frontline, and, in addition, their medic travels throughout Ukraine giving workshops for his colleagues serving in other Army and SpecOps troops. So this equipment will not only save lives of our military men but also prove handy in training military medics’ professional skills.

In addition, we renewed supporting the old friends of ours, the servicemen of a glorious air assault brigade who are shortly heading to their combat positions once again. A while ago, we helped them modernize and upgrade their Kropyva system designed to co-ordinate the work of troops, command and artillery units. That is, in case of an enemy fire attack and growing danger for our military, they can request artillery support and immediate accurate backfire. At the moment, we have been accumulating funds for equipping certain intelligence units with tablets containing the pre-installed Kropyva elements: these portable computers will enable our scouts to draw maps and mark terrorists’ positions on them as their future targets.

Also, we partially assisted our comms men, as well as the servicemen of certain brigade, with the surveillance system: this is an ongoing project which is still to be completed, so the fundraising is still on. The system will come in exceptionally handy, as it will allow to monitor all the hot spots of the sector on the HQ monitor instead of keeping dozens of servicemen outside in harsh weather conditions. Besides, shortly we’re going to show you how this stuff works in case of fighting (for this reason, we’re getting some materials prepared now).

In addition, we have supported individual artillery units which are engaged into both satisfying the requests of other military and conducting their own activities on eliminating the enemy at any escalation. We proceed with fundraising for modernization of the counter-battery systems. It is not a secret that our army possesses these, still we cannot disclose any details about them: let us just say that these elements will give our military the possibility to detect hostile fire and respond to it faster and more effectively. This will mean seconds and minutes saved, which has to result in a few less shots fired at our military and more lives of our servicemen saved.

Артилеристи шлють привіт: свіжі фото просто з фронту

Apart from this, another unit of the brigade, the aero reconnaissance guys, have placed their request on our list as well. They quite reasonably reminded us that their equipment has worn out over the years of service. At the moment, we need to buy them three new accumulators for their UAV. To buy another new UAV would be great as well. Taking into account that aerial reconnaissance serves as ”eyes” for the whole brigade, we consider fundraising for this purpose a primary need.

Well, the above information was about the Rapid Response project, a consolidated online real-time report on which you can found via the link. As the report shows, we’ve got many accomplishments, while many things are to be done yet. The needs of our aerial reconnaissance guys, scouts and artillerists remains to be satisfied. So we ask you to join in. Now to the project

I Am Sniper

Within this initiative we routinely accumulate certain reserve of funds which is spent on the newest gear for the Ukrainian Army’s combat snipers. The war is on, and Russian snipers repeatedly enter the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas where hiding behind the peaceful civilians they hunt our snipers. That’s why our army combat groups, SOF units and security service have been continuously working in the forefront conducting unceasing counter sniper activities. That is why we try to do our best in our attempts to equip them with the best possible gear.

Before the New Year, we sent new optics to a machine gun operator of one of such sniper units. These guys hunt their enemy using “live-bait”: the gunner enters the fighting drawing enemy snipers’ fire onto himself, after which our shooters immediately start working on the disclosed opponent. And the optics’ role is to ensure our machine gunner’s safety, for him to be able to destroy the enemy firing points with his accurate and precise backfire. It is for this very reason that we bought him this kit.

Also, we purchased a kit of powerful and stunningly beautiful optics with relevant bodykits for a combat sniper of the Special Service who works with a large caliber long-range rifle. Recently he sent us a notice in which he said he’s still mastering his skills and adjusting to his new equipment at the shooting range, and shortly is going to use it in real combat situations. He sends a sincere thank you to everyone who joined in the initiative.

While revising the acts, we remembered another device that we forget to mention: it is a powerful optical sights that we had bought and sent in late summer. It was sent to a combat unit in exchange for an old on that went broken as the result of prolonged service on the front line. The guys whom we sent it, are the servicemen of a legendary counter sniper unit of this war, so we consider it a big honor to assist them.

Apart from this, we supported two specific units, namely the SOF and Alpha combat units. The SpecOps guys got a sniper timer and a chronograph, and the Alpha unit was supplied with the system for shotgun target shooting. This one is not designed to serve their combat purposes: rather, it will come handy in their shooting range trainings where they will master their weapon handling skills. Indeed, these are quite useful devices. 

The list of necessities has not been completely satisfied here either: the guys whom we sent the optics for their machine gun, now ask us to provide them with a special optical nozzle allowing to work at long distances with a large caliber, so the fundraising is on. The same optics kit has been also requested by other sniper units, so the demand remains active. Dear friends, in our turn we ask you not to leave these requests unattended. And while you’re looking through our reports, checking our big green button and pondering on the sum you would like to spend on supporting our snipers, we’re going to tell you about our next project where constant active painstaking work has been done despite we cannot share any victorious news so far:

The School of Military Divers

At the moment, all the effort within this initiative is focused on supporting the newly established Ukrainian Navy Diving School. We have already discussed the details regarding their activities, in our recent big interview with Kostyantyn and Maxym, the co-founders of the entire project. Today the guys have been actively traveling throughout Ukraine to take active part in the events conducted by the School and its training programs that have already enlisted the third generation of recruits. Should we mention that the major part of expenditures within the initiative has been made at their own expense?

Apart from this, the guys have to manage the ongoing issues as regards material provision of the divers, while we try to accumulate funds to assist them in purchasing the essentials. As a long-term goal, we look forward to announce a separate fundraising for maintenance of a military ship: she has been transferred to a SOF unit by some sponsors, still the vessel needs some repair and maintenance work which are not budgeted though. Some materials and consumables have been already purchased at the expense of volunteers, while the repair works still remain to be paid for.

There is probably no need to describe how much easier it will be for the combat SOF divers, to skip numerous paperwork and submitting loads of applications to the Navy command to get assigned a ship for carrying out this or that mission, but instead use their own fully operational special vessel. Apart from this, there are also lesser needs under the project: these are quite urgent and need your support as well.

Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded

Let us be totally honest, dear friends. This is a kind of project that is rather scarce for news, still the work within it goes on. You might notice that we stopped to accept any new patients into our rehabilitation activities.Instead, we try to find new ways to complete the treatment of the project’s most difficult participants: for some wounded treatment went not as planned, others developed complications requiring further medical aid – we’re going to describe the current situation on the project in detail soon. Admittedly, the present status of the project leaves much to be desired, still in view of a hundred successfully recovered patients the results are quite predictable.

Medicine is an inexact thing, so no one in their right mind can expect 100% guaranteed success. At certain phase, treatment of the most difficult patients got limited by technological capacities of the clinic that acted as medical partner of the project. So at the moment, despite the fact that previously we used to act as a financial guarantor solely, now we have taken on the responsibility for the most difficult patients of the project trying to find new ways to complete their treatment as well as accumulate the necessary sum for this. There is certain solution here: some highly skilled professionals promised to assist us, but it is the forced quarantine that has impeded the whole process at present: still, despite this, we are not going to leave the guys unsupported.

Let us also review the rest of our current projects. We need to admit that the overall recent situation has considerably affected and hampered all social initiatives, particularly those aimed to purchasing medical equipment for civil hospitals. Accumulation of funds within the Last Hope Unit project under which we planned to buy a special medical device for the Institute of Trauma and Orthopedics, has substantially decelerated. Similarly, the proceeds under the Operation Burn initiative designed to pay for the emergency kit for the Burn Department of the Cherkasy hospital, have slowed down. The fundraising within the Project A where we collect money to support children with autism. But, dear friends, the needs which we had to satisfy, have not vanished! At the moment, we try to find the new ways to resolve the issues that are essential. As it is about the initiatives able of affecting lives and well-being of the people in real need of support. So, dear friends, we ask you to always keep in mind the needs of those who will never do without our backing.

To sum it up, in these harsh times we urge you, dear friends, to keep to public safety and common sense. Any contagion, either real or metaphorical, hardly depends on our moods or preferences. We are all different, but we are doomed to live together, one by another, on our common homeland. So instead of seeking excuses for discord, let us look for the reasons to find points of contact and keep together. Let us guard against the diseases and dangers, and give the shoulder to our neighbor in need. Keep sane and sober view of things and avoid any possible manipulations, for no one would do some harm under the disguise of panic, disagreement or provocation. And let us support our Army and one another. Anyway, the war is still on, and Ukraine is our single home, so we have to protect it with our common effort, as much as each of us can afford.

Keep safe.

Thank you!