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Black December. Losses of the Ukrainian Army over the past month

The war has been raging for the fourth year in...

Black December. Losses of the Ukrainian Army over the past month

Black December. Losses of the Ukrainian Army over the past month

The war has been raging for the fourth year in a row. In December, peace and safety of our cities and towns had their dark fatal cost as well: according to the updated information, over the past month 27 Ukrainian fighters have lost their lives in the forefront. Let us memorize each of them by name.


Volodymyr Maltsev, callsign “Kopchenyi”

Volodymyr went to the war as a volunteer, despite the fact he was living a comfortable quiet life. On completion a course in a training campus, he was sent to the front line. He went through the hell of Debaltseve where he was fortunate enough to get away with just a concussion. After a short period of time spent in a hospital, Volodymyr rushed to the forefront again, where he was serving with the 54th Brigade until present.

On the 1st of December, the enemy shelled our stronghold in Luhansk region using grenade launchers. Volodymyr got heavily wounded. The guy was immediately evacuated to Popasna hospital, but all the doctors’ efforts were in vain – Volodymyr died at night. The fallen warrior was buried at his homeland, in Chernihiv region. His death orphaned a big family of his mother, two sisters, wife and two sons.


Dmytro Konokeienko, callsign “Chornomor”

Dmytro volunteered to the army in 2015; he fought in Donbas Battalion. After a year of service, he signed a contract and stayed in the Armed Forces, serving with the 11th “Kyiv Rus” Motorized Infantry Battalion. Dmytro was killed on the 3rd of December near Mariupol under enemy 120 mm grenade launchers shelling. The guy was buried in Podilsk where he left his brother and parents to mourn him forever.


Yuriy Rudyk

Native of Rivne region, this peaceful and kind-hearted man joined the army in the summer of 2017 and served with the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade. Yet on the 18th of November he had been hit by an enemy sniper’s bullet. Since then, Yuriy stayed in coma, until on the 4th of December he passed away remaining unconscious. Yuriy’s death orphaned his mother, sister and two children.


Andriy Kavun, callsign “Barkhan”

Andriy went to the army at the very beginning of the war – he started his service with the 43rd Motorized Infantry Battalion “Partiot”. After a year of duty, he signed a contract and joined the 74th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion. A fair soul and a kind-hearted man, as his comrades and friends remember him, Andriy used to be keen on strike ball which was exceptionally helpful in mastering his sniper skills at war.

On the 30th of November Andriy had been severely wounded in Promka, an industrial zone near Avdiivka. Remaining unconscious, on the 4th of December Andriy died in Mechnykov military hospital in Dnipro. The guy was buried in the Alley of Glory in Kryvyi Rih, his city of birth.


Victor Matiukhin, callsign “Kazakh”

This man gained his diverse and extensive experience in Kazakhstan where he was born, and later in Russia. In 2015, on beginning of the war, he relocated to Ukraine and went to the front to fight for his second homeland. He served as a volunteer with the “Saint Maria” Battalion, “Viking” Volunteer Corpus, then joined the “Right Sector” VC. For a long period of time, Victor was defending Ukraine at the hottest spots of the front, near Avdiivka, where finally he lost his life. On the 4th of December, comrade Kazakh was shot by an enemy sniper. On the 8th of December he was buried with honors in Lychakivsky cemetery in Lviv.


Ivan Dubei, callsign “DVD”

Despite his reserved look and appearance, Ivan will be remembered for his genuine love of life. He was fond of his family and adored kids; loved people in general. First, he was mobilized to the front where he was a paratrooper. Later, he returned to the frontline having signed a contract: this time he served with the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade. It is not enough to say comrades respected Ivan – they admired him, practically each of them. On the 3rd of December in Luhansk region Ivan Dubei was shot dead by an enemy sniper. In critical condition, he was transported to the Mechnykov hospital in Dnipro. Despite all the doctors’ efforts, on the 7th of December Ivan passed away. On the 10th of December he found eternal rest in a village where he was born, in Ivano-Frankivsk region.


Andriy Pavlenko, callsign “Pavlukha”

Kherson region native, Andriy was mobilized to the army, and later signed a contract and continued his service on his own will. He served in the National Guard, formerly the Internal Troops of Ukraine. All this took place ten years before the war, and only when Andriy met the love of his life, he was demobilized from the army. They got married, and soon their first child, a daughter, was born. Later, they also had a boy. But as the war started, Andriy just could not resist going back to the army again: being an experienced military man, he joined the Kyiv-1 Battalion, and soon signed a contract and started his service as a paratrooper with the 25th Airborne Brigade. On the 7th of October, near Avdiivka, Andriy was shot by an enemy sniper: the bullet hit him in the head, practically depriving him of any chances to survive. The guy’s death left his big family of parents, wife and little kids orphaned forever…


Anatoliy Tverdola

Native of Vinnytsia region, Mr Anatoliy lived a simple decent life. As the Revolution of Dignity started, he participated in its active part, and as soon as the war began, he joined a volunteer movement and supported the army. At the beginning of 2017, he could not resist any more and joined the army himself: he signed a contract and served with the 59th Motorized Infantry Brigade. On the 8th of December, at about 5.00 AM, during his watch in the positions, Anatoly Tverdola was shot dead by the enemy. The death of this kind-hearted man left the big family of his mother, wife and two sons devastated.


Oleksandr Proshkin, callsign “Prokha”

Born in Mariupol, Oleksandr later relocated with his family to Sumy region. A welder and a skilled blacksmith, Oleksandr joined the army at the end of 2017, when he started his service with the Aidar Battalion. On the 8th of December, in the morning, the man was killed in 120 mm enemy mine shelling. A wonderful big family lost their father, son and husband.


Hennagiy Parasochka, callsign “Kolobok”

A Donetsk region native, this decent man fought for his own land. First, he was mobilized to the army where served as a paratrooper, later he signed a contract and on his own will continued service in the Aidar Battalion. He was killed on the 8th of December in Svitlodarsk bulge when the enemy shelled our positions using small arms and ICV machine guns of large caliber. Hennadiy Pavlovych found his peace in Toretsk cemetery. His death orphaned his parents.


Fedir Karakonstantyn

A paratrooper with the 25th Airborne Brigade, a very young boy who did not even have time to see the life. On finishing school, he entered Odesa Military Academy, and on graduation he signed a contract and joined Airborne Forces. On the 8th of December Fedir was shot by an enemy sniper. The guy was buried in the same village where he was born, in Odesa region. He had not time to get married, so the family of his mother and brothers will mourn him forever.


Victor Zelmanovych, callsign “Zelia”

Since childhood, Victor always had to work hard – his life proved to be rather scarce in fun and rich in troubles. Victor volunteered to the army, and since the spring of 2017 fought against the occupiers with the Volyn division of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. The guy was killed on the 10th of December – together with his comrade he got blown up by an enemy IED. He found his eternal rest in his home village in Mykolaiv region. A whole big family lost their son and brother.


Oleksandr Zubchenko, callsign “Zapal”

Native of Poltave region, the guy had the chance to live a peaceful life for some time – he got educated, then found a job and was earning his living. He joined the army in the spring of 2017 – and served in the same division with Victor Zelmanovych. Moreover, on the 19th of December, while completing a combat mission, the guys got blown up in the same IED explosion. Sashko was buried in Myrhorod, in the Alley of Heroes. The guy’s death orphaned his parents and sister.


Volodymyr Tymchenko

His family will always remember Volodymyr as a joyful and energetic person and a very sympathetic and kind-hearted man. He was genuinely keen on people, adored his large family and loved his children and grandkids. He went to the war guided by his heart – just signed a contract and joined the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade as a driver.

Volodymyr got severely wounded on the 22nd of November, when an enemy anti-tank guided missile hit the cabin of the lorry he was driving. For almost three weeks Volodymyr was fighting for his life in Mechnykov hospital, still in vain: he took his last breath on the 11th of December. The fallen defender was buried in Kharkiv region, next to his parents’ grave.


Pavlo Korneliuk

Born in Vinnytsia region, since a young man, Pavlo had chosen the career of law enforcement officer. On serving in the army, he entered the Internal Affairs Academy; after his graduation Pavlo safeguarded the rule of law in Vinnytsia region. Over time, he went to the war: signed a contract and joined the 131st Separate Reconnaissance Battalio as a scout machine gun operator. On the 13th of December Pavlo was shot dead by an enemy sniper. In a field hospital, the doctors fought for his life, still in vain: due to his severe injury, Pavlo passed away. His parents, brother, wife and daughter will mourn him forever.


Tymofiy Henish, Andriy Sypavka and an unidentified fallen soldier

Tymofiy was born in Rakhiv, and Andriy in Uzhhorod. The men served with the 128th Mountain Brigade and were killed on the same day, on the 17th of December, at night, when an enemy 120 mm mine hit their dugout. Along with these two soldiers, another fighter was killed in the explosion, still his name remains unidentified so far.


Andriy Hultsio

A rather young guy, Andriy had a chance to both live a full life and to serve his country: he joined the army yet in 2011. He went to the war as a miner with the 95th Air Assault Brigade. Andriy was killed on the 19th of December near Verkhniotoretske: the guy hit an enemy tripwire. The fallen warrior was buried in Zhytomyr; his death left his parents, wife and two kids orphaned forever.


Ivan Sorokodziuba

A native of Kyiv region, Ivan was grew up an orphan. He signed a contract and went to the army at the beginning of 2017; served in Chernihiv-1 Battalion of the 58th Motorized Brigade. Ivan was killed in Luhansk region, near Novotoshkivka: in the morning of December  18th he got under enemy mine shelling.


Andriy Borysenko, callsign “Boria”

As the war began, this cheerful light-hearted guy left his studies and signed a contract with the army. He joined the 25th Airborne Brigade’s paratroopers: together with his comrades he went through the hell of Ilovaisk, Scchastia, Savur-Mohyla, Maiorsk, Avdiivka, Pisky, and Debaltseve. On the 20th of December he was killed by an enemy sniper. The guy left his mother, sister and girlfriend to mourn him forever.


Oleksiy Orikhivskiy, callsign “Oriekh”

The war caught the guy in Donetsk region where he worked as a security service cynologist. A close friend of his got wounded under an enemy shelling in Artemivsk, so the guy had to fight for his life and transport the wounded to hospital. This accident had affected Oleksiy quite remarkably: he decided to sign a contract and went to the army as a miner. Following a year of service, he prolonged the contract and continued his military service as a paratrooper with the 25th Airborne Brigade. Oleksiy was killed in the night of December 21st: the guy got fatally wounded with a shell of an enemy 120 mm mine. Oleksiy was buried in Sumy region, in the town of Trostianets. His death orphaned his mother and brother forever.


Petro Mykhailiuk

The man started his military service as early as in 1997. He went to the war under the third wave of mobilization, in the summer of 2014; served with the 80th Air Assault Brigade. Following a year of duty, he signed a contract and proceeded with serving on his own will. Mr Petro was killed on the 22nd of December in Luhansk region, when the enemy deployed artillery and fired our positions. The man’s death left his mother, three brothers, sister and daughter orphaned forever.


Oleh Shevchenko

Oleh was born, got educated and worked in Lozova, Kharkiv region. The guy was mobilized on a contract in the summer of 2017 as a driver with the 25th “Kyiv Rus” battalion of the 25th Airborne Brigade. Oleh was killed on the 22nd of December near the village of Luhanske, in Donetsk region: he was shot dead by an enemy sniper.


Yuriy Zolotariov

A son of military officers himself, Yuriy dedicated his life to the army. He got a professional education, later was in training young military cadets as an instructor. At the very beginning of the war, he was mobilized to the army, and upon end of service he returned to teaching. Nevertheless, the war was still on, so soon Yuriy signed a contract and came back to the forefront as a paratrooper with the 25th Airborne Brigade. A day before Yuriy’s leave, the paratroopers’ positions were shelled by the enemy using grenade launchers. A shell fragment hit Yuriy in the head, and the heavily wounded fighter was immediately evacuated to hospital. The fight for his life lasted for four days, but on the 24th of December his heart gave out and stopped. Yuriy Zolotariov was buried with honors in the Alley of Glory in the city of Dnipro. He is survived by his parents, two brothers, wife and son.


Andriy Tovkach

A Russian by birth, Andriy and his family relocated to Ukraine. They settled in Dnipropetrovsk region where Andriy reached his maturity. He went to the war within a mobilization wave in 2015; served with the 93rd Mechanized Brigade. After completion of his service he did not hesitate for a moment and came back to the forefront as a paratrooper with the 25th Airborne Brigade. Andriy Tovkach was killed on the 26th of December in Promka, in Avdiivka industrial zone: the man was shot dead by an enemy sniper. Andriy is survived by his father, brother and sister, his wife and two daughters.



A young paratrooper was killed on the 29th of December near Avdiivka, on our positions in Promka. He was shot by an enemy sniper. The information on the hero’s biography is being updated at the moment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to bring these guys back to life. Still we can remember each of them with a kind word honoring these boys and men who sacrificed their lives for our common peace and security.


Eternal glory to the fallen heroes who gave their life for Ukraine!

The People’s Project Volunteer Center thanks the Censor media outlet and personally Yan Osoka, a volunteer.

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