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Defenders who gave their lives in the battle for Svitlodar

The past two days, on December 18 and 19, the...

Defenders who gave their lives in the battle for Svitlodar

Defenders who gave their lives in the battle for Svitlodar

The past two days, on December 18 and 19, the enemy tried to break through the line of Ukraine’s defense in the battle for Svitlodar. The price of battle was high. However, the enemy was repelled. The enemy forces suffered heavy losses of dead and wounded. There were no casualties among Ukraine’s fighters either. The names of five dead Ukrainian defenders are now known.


Andreshkov, Volodymyr Stepanovych
Callsign “Heat”

Fighter with the 25th Kyiv-Rus Brigade. Volodymyr Andreshkov, a native of Lviv region, died aged 47. His role in violent events took place from the beginning – from Maidan, including the hottest days of the clashes, to the war for liberation in the East of Ukraine. In the war from the outset, he went as a volunteer. He saw all, including, and being involved in the hell that was the battle for Debaltsev. Recently, he was demobilized, but did not remain in peaceful life for long – he signed a contract and returned to the front line. He leaves behind his wife and four children.


Stepanenko, Serhiy Evhenovych
Callsign “Pate”

Fighter with the 25th Kyiv-Rus Brigade. A resident of the city of Boryspil, in the Kiev region, Serhiy Stepanenko died aged 49. At the cost of his own life, he was deterring the enemy, who tried to adavance on the village of Luhansk. In civil life, he held many different professions and was a simple honest son of his country. He went to war in February 2015. Recently he was demobilized and returned home, but soon returned to the front line as part of his own unit. He leaves behind his wife and son.



Panasenko, Vasiliy Hennadiyovych
Callsign “Vaha”

Fighter with the 25th Kyiv-Rus Brigade. The funeral for this Ukrainian patriot will be in Irpin, where the 33-year-old spent most of his life. As part of the battalion, he fought from the day it was founded, and went through the whole war, including the hell of Debaltsev. He gave his life, restraining the enemy, who went on assault to take the village of Luhansk.


Radivilov Roman Yuriyovych
Callsign “Gyrza”

A native of Kharkiv, 32-year-old Roman devoted himself to the war from the beginning – both in the armed forces and in civilian life. An active participant in the events of Maidan, a volunteer from the Right Sector and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, began with his native Kharkiv oblast – he helped to keep the spread of the terrorist bid to create the so-called “Kharkiv People’s Republic”, and later he took up arms and went to defend the country. There he was a scout, and a stormtrooper – the hell of Donetsk Airport, Pisky, and Volnovakha he went through. Under Volnovakha, he was wounded, he received large-scale burns, but during treatment, he continued to fight – he participated in public action. Then he returned to the front. He died on December 18 at the height of the battle for “Varyag” during a massive hostile artillery shelling. He leaves his mother and his girlfriend.


Klimenko, Dmytro

Volunteer with the Right Sector, eventually he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Fought in the 1st assault company the “Wolves of the Podolyany” 1st battalion 54th Brigade. There is little known about him, because Dmytro was not a public man, but rather a professional military member and a devoted patriot. He died during the fighting on December 18th. At the cost of his own life, he stopped enemy attack and defended his homeland from invasion.

Heros, not to be forgotten!


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