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Let us honor fallen Heroes: losses of October

The war is on. Maybe it disappeared from newspapers and...

Let us honor fallen Heroes: losses of October

Let us honor fallen Heroes: losses of October

The war is on. Maybe it disappeared from newspapers and TV screens, but Ukrainian lands still present a desirable morsel for the invader, and each of us still makes a target for russian terrorists and their proxies. Despite the Minsk agreements and nominal ceasefire, the terrorists continue to sneakily shell our military and civilian residents in the ATO zone using calibers prohibited by these agreements.

October has been marked with more deaths of Ukrainian soldiers. The Novynarnia informational resource got engaged in an extremely grieve but at the same time hard and noble initiative: they summarize the data on our military martyrs. Thanks to the work done by these considerate people, in particular, by Mr Dmytro Lykhoviy and Ms Lesia Shovkun, dry stats of fatalities acquire individual faces. We candidly share this pain and believe that each of us must honor the fallen in the way we find most appropriate, as these guys lost their lives while defending our peace and security. That is why People’s Project is publishing the detailed list of fallen Ukrainian soldiers.

Serhiy Klemeshev, call sign “Klema”


Serhiy, a sapper with the 28th Mechanized Brigade, died on the 1st of October near Bohdanivka. The guy served his time with the first wave of mobilization, then two years later he decided to return to the army and signed a contract. A professional sapper, Serhiy completed various tasks on de-mining and engineering. On the first of October the guy was going to carry out another mission in the grey zone. He struck a mine there: the shell fragment hit him right in the temple depriving the guy of the slightest chances to survive. By all indications, it was a booby-trapped OZM-72 antipersonnel landmine which is often called “a toad” or “a witch” among the military professionals: this mine is designed to jump out from beneath the earth to explode in the air sprinkling its deadly fragments all around.
The guy was just twenty-four years old. He had a young wife and parents.

Andriy Bespalov, call sign “Palych”


The man was born in Russia and as a teenager moved to Ukraine with his parents. He volunteered to the army on the very first days of the war. After the training he joined the 57th Infantry Brigade, and very soon volunteered to the forefront. On the 16th of October, near the village of Nevelske Andriy Bespalov he stepped through an enemy tripwire and died. Some military say the man’s unit was following the enemy saboteur group, the others think he was checking out checkpoints while on duty. But the death of Palych who was 46, has left his 15 years old son, parents and his civil wife orphaned.

Mykola Lapin, call sign “Winnie-the-Pooh”


Just a couple of days before the 72nd Mechanized Brigade left their positions near Avdiivka and went on rotation, an enemy bullet hit one of the Brigade’s favorites, a senior soldier Mykola Lapin. He had volunteered to the war at the very beginning of russian aggression. A soldier of a scouting division, Mykola always fought at the very edge, defending the hottest spots of the frontline, on his own will.


Being awarded for his service. Mykola’s last photo

In the morning of the 16th of October Mykola was awarded with a people’s insignia for his courage and patriotism shown in defense of his Motherland. In the evening of that very day, under another enemy shelling the guy was hit by an enemy bullet: it lodged in the neck so there were practically no chances to survive. Two sisters, brother and mom will be mourning their 25 years old brother and son for their lifetime.

Mykhailo Luhovyi, call signs “Grandpa” and “The Beard” (“Boroda”)


He volunteered to the war in its very first days, guided by his heart. Due to the man’s age and health conditions, they rather not welcomed him at the military committees, but Mr Mykhaylo insisted and got the permission to join the army. As of this October the man was serving as a sergeant with one of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade’s divisions. The catastrophe occurred on the 17th of October: during a heavy shelling near Mariinka he rushed to help his comrades. A large caliber bullet bounced off the garage and hit the man; the injury proved fatal. A whole Kharkiv family has been left without their father, husband and brother.

Oleksandr Omelchuk, call sign “Mechan”


A driver motorist with one of the 128th Mechanized Brigade divisions, Oleksandr was killed on the 17th of October near Zaitseve. This 27 years old guy was peaceful and considerate, his comrades say. He went to the army a while ago: signed a contract in 2011, so went through all hot spots and fiercest battles of the war. The guy’s life was taken in an enemy shelling when their position was hit by an enemy artillery mine of 120 mm caliber. Sashko has left his parents and a sister.

Mykola Rudenko, call sign “Rudik”


Mykola signed his contract and joined the army in February of 2017, and got to the front in May. On the 17th of October, near Pavlopil, Mykola who was a commander of the crew of BRDM with the 59th Motorized Infantry Brigade, got blown up by a landmine in front of his comrades. He orphaned his daughter, wife, parents and his granddad to whom he was especially close and whom he continually remembered while talking to his comrades – because of this his colleagues often referred to him as “Grandpa Rudik” jokingly.

Yuriy Kolesnik


Yurko died at 23. The guy was known as a skillful drawer and tattoo artist. He joined the army a year before the war, on signing a contract, when he joined the 80th Airborne Brigade. He went through all the fiercest battles for Luhansk airport and assisted in evacuation of wounded near Ilovaisk. That very year he got shell-shocked and underwent treatment in Odesa hospital; later he was going to enter the Military academy. As soon as the war continued, he came back to the front, this time with 28th Mechanized Brigade. Being a sapper, Yurko was killed on the 23th of October near Bohdanivka. The guy was marking out the perimeter with signaling barriers to protect his comrades against the enemy saboteur groups, when he stepped on an enemy mine. He left two sisters, parents and a brother.

Anton Syniahub, call sign “Dale”, and Yaroslav Bondar, call signs “Yakiv” and “Festival”

Синягуб та Бондар

The guys, soldiers with the 24th Storming Battalion of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade, were killed at the same time: on the 24th of October they got hit by a booby-trapped OZB-72 landmine. This happened in Svitlodarsk area. Anton was just 24 years old, and for some time he was just assisting the military until he himself joined the army: just signed a contract and went to the front. Friends describe him as an incredible optimist and sincere patriot for whom his mother will mourn from now on, forever. Yaroslav was 30: firstly the man was mobilized to the army but later he signed a contract and came back to the front on his own will. Yaroslav’s death has orphaned his mother, brother and fiancée.

Illia Stetsun


The guy was just 19. He finished school when the war was already on, so Illia signed a contract and went to the army. He served with the 59th Infantry Brigade which was holding the line in the Prymorsky direction of Donetsk region. Illia was killed by terrorists about midday on 24th of October near Vodiane: under an enemy shelling a sudden bullet hit him in the chest. He is survived by his parents and sister.

Valeriy Samofal

Mr Valeriy joined the army on mobilization, and as soon as he had served his time, he signed a contract and came back to the front at once. He served as a driver with one of the subdivisions of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade. on the 24th of October Valeriy Pavlovych was killed by an enemy sniper. The bullet hit him in the neck, so there were no chances to survive. Mr Valeriy will always be remembered by his father, wife and two sons.

Oleksandr Zhukov


Sashko became the first victim among the paratroopers of the 25th Airborne Brigade as soon as they replaced the 72nd Mechanized Brigade (aka “Black Zaporizhians”) on positions near Avdiivka. On the 28th of October he was killed by a terrorist sniper. Firstly, Oleksandr was mobilized to the army and served in non-military units of the National Guard, and later he signed his first contract on completion of which the guy renewed the contract again. That day the terrorists seems went mad firing walls of gunfire at our positions, and later in the evening shelling the residential areas of Avdiivka. Oleksandr’s mother, sister and daughter will seek to settle their personal scores down with the enemy forever.

Georgiy Saralidze, call sign “Viper-2”


Hot-blooded, unrestrained and fearless Georgian volunteer was among those who would have fought in this war until the last enemy was dead. Lieutenant-colonel of the Armed Forces of Georgia, he gained substantial experience while fighting for independence of his own Homeland. Ukraine has become another Motherland for Georgiy: he headed here in the very first days of the Russian aggression. Oleksiy Sikharulidze, a volunteer at Narodny Tyl, noted that a while ago Georgiy’s father had been killed by russians at war. That is why this passionate and hot-blooded warrior, a lifetime antagonist of russian imperial chauvinism, appeared wherever the stinking and deadly spirit of the “russian world” expanded. In Ukraine Georgiy firstly fought with the Azov battalion and Right Sector, and later, after severe wounds and long-time treatment he officially joined the Ukraine’s Armed Forces and served with the 25th “Kyivska Rus” Infantry Brigade, then 92nd and 57th Infantry Brigade. Georgiy was killed on the 31st of October on the outskirts of Donetsk airport; the exact circumstances of his death are still unknown. Some say Georgoy was hit under an unexpected shelling, the others insist the man died in a fierce encounter with the enemy saboteur group. This way or that, let undying glory and sincere gratitude be with the Hero.

May we forever treasure the memory of those fallen for Ukraine!