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Not forgotten! Today Vasiliy Slipak would have turned 42

It’s said heroes live on, for as long as people...

Not forgotten! Today Vasiliy Slipak would have turned 42

Not forgotten! Today Vasiliy Slipak would have turned 42

It’s said heroes live on, for as long as people remember them. Forty-two today, that would have marked the birthday of a man who praised Ukraine his whole life and always – whether here or abroad – would have been a faithful son of his country. On this day Vasiliy Slipak was born – an opera singer and warrior, who gave everything to his country until his last breath.

While Slipak had made a name for himself, not everyone knows opera – Slipak was known mainly in cultural circles, as a golden tenor, a gem of the Paris Opera, for 20 years he represented Ukraine with his voice – in the French capital as an immigrant.


About home, his motherland – that’s how he spoke on the front – his dedication became only widely known only after his tragic death.

Even since his youth, despite his artistic activity, Slipak actively volunteered, took care of people with disabilities, joined the creation of spiritual shelters for youth, was an active participant in, and initiator of, various cultural events throughout Europe.

This was Slipak: a brilliant singer, and a passionate patriot.
An improvised performance at the fair at the Ukrainian Cultural Center

With the start of the war, he rushed to help, initiated cultural events, raised and incited the Diaspora to fight. In the end, he could not stand – he returned home, joined the ranks of the “Right sector”, took arms and moved to the front.

On a warm June morning, when the enemies moved on the positions of Ukrainian troops, Slipak met the occupier face-to-face – he rushed for a machine gun and tried to fight back. Slipak’s life was cut short by a sniper’s bullet. The bullet was of high-caliber and he did not have a chance.

Thoughtful, sophisticated and courageous – exactly how Slipak will remain in our memory

Slipak was buried in his native city of Lviv. Thousands of people took to their knees as he was transported to his final resting place. The memory of this outstanding person still lives on.


“I can not agitate people and ask for donations when I do not understand what this war is ”
Comrade Volodymyr Omelyan on why Slipak went to the front

The war does not discriminate, a singer from a farmer, a teacher from professional military. The enemy equally tries to kill any Ukrainian soldier who defends the country on the front. And for Ukraine every loss brings pain and tears, the country is left poorer by the death of any of its defenders.