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Russian terrorist “Vaha” eliminated in Zaitseve

The 53rd Military Brigade reported to People’s Project volunteers the...

Russian terrorist “Vaha” eliminated in Zaitseve

Russian terrorist “Vaha” eliminated in Zaitseve

The 53rd Military Brigade reported to People’s Project volunteers the occupier, callsign Vaha, had been killed in Zaitseve.

Ukrainian soldiers discovered his body with a fatal chest wound. The liquidated terrorists with found with a syringe, believed to have been used to treat pain from a leg injury. It appears he became separated from other Russian forces and his proximity to the Ukrainian position prevented them from getting to him to render first aid. When they did get to him they simply destroyed his documents and left “Vaha” where he fell. According to the military crew of the 53rd Brigade, the body had lain for about five days before they found it. Now the destiny of the Russian terrorist “Vaha’s” body is in the hands of the OSCE.

A brigade soldier told the story (see video- in Ukrainian) to our volunteer Boris Pelekh. Boris was in the process of delivering to the boys high-tech equipment we bought for them courtesy of your donations.

As you know, Zaitsev is one of the hottest spots in the ATO zone. In the past days fighting has again intensified. From about 9pm, Russian invaders launch a two-hour-long assault on Ukrainian positions with mortars and 80 and 120-caliber shells fired from infantry fighting vehicles, along with the shells comes heavy machine gun and small arms fire. Then there is a temporary lull before about 3am when the terrorists begin to fire again.

Ukraine’s military is constantly on the alert and has the ability to keep watch around the clock, thanks to you – our benefactors. After all, you, in this difficult time for the country, we were able to raise funds for the purchase of night optics. However, do not forget help is still needed and the war is far from won – Ukraine’s defenders continue to courageously defend the country.

Currently, the project “Rapid Response continues to raise funds for the immediate equipment needs of Ukraine’s military. To contribute click the “Donate Now” button below: