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War Memorial. 16 fighters have been killed in June: who are they?

In the fuss of quiet daily bothers, planning of vacations...

War Memorial. 16 fighters have been killed in June: who are they?

War Memorial. 16 fighters have been killed in June: who are they?

In the fuss of quiet daily bothers, planning of vacations and cozy nights with friends we often take war as something distant and having nothing to do with us. Still only in June 16 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 71 wounded as the result of combat actions.

Only over the last week of the month 10 our warriors have been killed. Eight brigades and AFU units suffered irreparable losses over the same period of time, Novynarnia media outlet informs.

The deadly geography has proved the widest for Donetsk region: there were three fatalities near Bohdanivka (caused by a single direct mortar hit); two fatalities per each area near Avdiivka, Pisky and Pivdenne; the rest of victims were killed at Butivka coal mine, near the villages of Novhorodske, Mariinka, Luhanske and the town of Svitlodarsk. Another soldier died of the wounds sustained in May near the village of Nevelske.

Ten guys were killed in shelling; four fighters fell as victims of sniper fire, and another two got blown up in a minefield while withdrawing in a battle with an enemy saboteur group.

The youngest of them, Ihor Petrov, a native of Luhansk region, was just 20 years old. The oldest one, Valeriy Shyshak, was 57. By the way, he was fighting for his native Luhansk region as well.

They sacrificed their lives for our peace and security.

Mykola Metlinskyi

Sergeant Mykola Metlinskyi was a unit commander and chief platoon sergeant at the 17th “Kirovohrad” motorized infantry battalion of the 57 Motorized Infantry Brigade of the AFU. He died in Dnipro regional Mechnykov hospital on the night of June, 1st. He had been struggling for his life since the dawn of May, 24th, when he had got a severe shrapnel injury to his head during an enemy shelling of their stronghold near the village of Nevelske, Yasynuvata district, Donetsk region.

Mykola was mobilized in August of 2014. He fought with the 41st division of the artillery reconnaissance of the 55th Artillery Brigade. A year after his demobilization, when his only daughter signed a military contract with the AFU, Mr. Mykola followed her and joined the same 17th motorized infantry battalion.

The 48-years-old fighter covered his daughter, a military medic, with his own body, most likely thus having saved her life. The mine went off in a three meters’ distance.

The hero was buried on the 4th of June on the Alley of Honor Military burial site of the Rivnyanske cemetery in the town of Kropyvnytskyi.



Ihor Frantsuzan

A corporal, a commander of the air defense artillery unit of the 37th Zaporizhzhia battalion of the 56th Motorized Infantry Brigade. In August of 2015 he went to the army within another mobilization wave, and in April of 2017 he signed a contract for military service with the AFU.

Ihor Frantsuzan was killed on the 6th of June, 2018, near the village of Pisky in Donetsk outskirts, when an enemy saboteur group approached his observation point and started a fight.

“The saboteur group came from the side where Ihor with another fighter were on a stakeout. Fighting started. From the distance of 1300 meters where separatists’ dugouts were located, there was a heavy machine gun fire at our positions. Our guys moved through the greenery to help their comrades. When they realized they lacked the ammo, they started to withdraw. Most likely, one of them stepped on a tripwire. Two fighters were killed immediately on the spot, another got concussed, and one of them carried his wounded comrade out of the field,” –  the deputy commander of the air defense platoon Leonid Zhaldak tells.

Due to the dense mine-infestation of the area, the 37th battalion failed to take the bodies of the kelled soldiers – militants transferred them to the Ukraine-controlled territory only on the 11th of June.

Ihor Frantsuzan who was 41, was buried on the Alley of Glory in Rivnianske cemetery in Kropyvnytskyi on June, 14th. He is survived by wife and three children, two daughters and son.



Stepan Lytkovets

A soldier, an air defense gun operator of the 37 battalion of the 56th Motorized Infantry Brigade, Stepan Lytkovets hit the same mine as Ihor Frantsuzan, on the 6th of June, when they entered the fight with the militants’ saboteur group.

Stepan Lytkovets was buried on the 14th of June in the village of Pidopryhory, Lebedynskyi district, Sumy region, where the man’s parents live. The fighter who was just 21 years old, is also survived by his young wife.

The guy was born on the 13th of March, 1997, in the village of Harbuzivka, Lebedynskyi district. Lately, he lived in Sumy. Used to work as a chief and was aspiring to run his own restaurant. But in winter of 2018 he signed a contract for military service with the AFU.



Mykola Vilchynskyi, callsign Lyutyi

On the 11th of June Mykola Vilchynskyi, callsign Lyutyi, returned to the forefront from his leave – he visited his home village to be present at baptizing ceremony for his one-month-old daughter, born on the 4th of May. And the next day, on the 12th of June, his life was ended by a sniper bullet.

This happened near the village of Novhorodske which is in Horlivka direction. As Lyutyi’s comrades told the ICTV channel, it all started at 9:50 AM. The positions were silent, and our grenade launcher operator was moving to clean up his gun, when a single shot was fired. The bullet went through his body just under the bulletproof vest, having damaged main body organs. An internal bleeding started. While the wounded was provided first aid, terrorists set up a cross fire aiming to prevent his evacuation from the spot. The 26-years-old fighter didn’t make it to the hospital.

Mykola was mobilized in August of 2014. He served in the 24th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU and took part in battles for the Villages of Krymske and Novotoshkivske. On demobilization, he got married. In December of 2017 he was back to war again: he signed a contract foro military service with the AFU. Soldier Vilchynskyi returned to his familiar 24th Mechanized Brigade, to the anti-tank squad of the 3rd battalion.

Mykola Vilchynskyi was buried in the cemetery of Pisky, the village neighboring to his home one of Staryky. He is survived by parents, sister, wife and daughter.

The man headed to defend his homeland immediately on liberation of his native town of Rubizhne, Luhansk region, by the AFU forces.



Ihor Petrov

Ihor Petrov was born on the 14th of February, 1998, in Luhansk region, and immediately after he turned 18 years old, the guy signed a contract with the AFU. Since then, he spent most of the time in the forefront. Served as the automatic grenade launcher operator in the mechanized battalion of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade.

“He never pronounced any elevated speeches about patriotism or love for his motherland. Still his extremely short life has become an evidence that the whole fragile peace on our territories stands on brave people like Ihor,” – the guy’s school teacher Valentyna Ovcharenko said in her interview to the 5th TV channel.

Soldier Ihor Petrov was killed in the evening on June, 14th, in a battle near the village of Novotoshkivske in his home Luhansk region. In that fighting that lasted about four hours, five more Ukrainian fighters got injured.

Ihor died of an internal bleeding in the ambulance vehicle during his evacuation to a hospital. He was byried in his native town of Rubizhne. He is survived by his parents and young wife.



Serhiy Zhuk

A soldier, a junior gunman with the 1st mechanized battalion of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the AFU, died a week after he turned 49 years old.

On the 14th of June, about 21:00, when the Ukrainian fighters were trying to stop the enemy attack near the Butivka coalmine in the outskirts of Donetsk, a Grad missile hit the dugout where Zhuk was positioned. The fighter was killed immediately on the spot.

Serhiy Zhuk was buried in the town of Demky, Cherkasy region. He is survived by mother, wife, daughter and granddaughter.



Serhiy Ostapchuk

Serhiy was mobilized in 2014, and later he decided to renew his military service having signed a contract. Since 2016 he served in the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the AFU as the BMP APC driver. In a few weeks he had to have his 48th birthday, still unfortunately the man didn’t make it to live that long.

On the 24th of June, near the village of Luhanske in the Svitlodarska bulge, the native of Khmelnytskyi got severe shrapnel injuries to his chest and head.

According to Natalia Dzekar, co-ordinator of the Center for Support of ATO veterans, Serhiy Ostapchuk and his comrade were manning a checkpoint when a mine went off next to them during another enemy attack. Both fighters were immediately taken to hospital. Doctors at the intensive care unit fought for their lives to the end, still Serhiy could not be saved.

The fallen fighter was buried on the Alley of Glory in the Khmelnytskyi cemetery. He is survived by parents and two brothers.



Ruslan Bahlyk

Senior soldier, gunner of the 2nd battalion of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the AFU Ruslan Bahlyk was born on the 2nd of September, 1997 in the town of Trostyanets, Sumy region. His father was an Afghanistan war veteran. He served in the AFU since 2015, and joined the 92nd Brigade in March 2018.

On the 19th of June the 20-years-old fighter got heavily wounded to his head near Avdiivka. While unconscious, he was taken to Dnipro regional clinical Mechnykov hospital where after six days in a coma Ruslan passed away on the 25th of June. His veteran father was beside his bed when this happened.

Ruslan Bahlyk was buried in the village of Stanova near Trostyanets where he finished school and lived. He is survived by his parents and girlfriend.



Artur Fedosenko

Artur signed a contract for military service with the AFU in 2016. He served as a senior soldier in the military unit A1469 (Kanatove military airfield near Kropyvnytskyi), a driver electrician of the radio-lagging station of the center for radiocommunications and technical support.

On the 26th of June, about 20:30 PM, near Mariinka (Donetsk region) the 47-years-old fighter’s life was ended by an enemy sniper bullet.

The warrior was buried on the Alley of Heroes in Rivnianske cemetery in Kropyvnytskyi. He is survived by wife and grown-up daughter.



Dmytro Petrushenko

Soldier, unit serviceman of the mortar battery of the 3rd mechanized battalion with the AFU’s 93rd Mechanized Brigade.

In December of 2017 Petrushenko entered military contract service in the AFU, and in January together with his 93rd Kholodnyi Yar mechanized Brigade he got to the frontline.

On the 27th of June an enemy shell hit the dugout in our positions near Bohdanivka, Donetsk region. Dmytro Petrushenko, Oleksandr Kholin and Volodymyr Dyachenko who were on duty at the observation post, were killed on the spot.

“About 16:00 heavy weaponry such as artillery and 120mm mortars banned by Minsk agreements, started firing. It turned out to be that due to a mine explosion three our comrades got injuries incompatible with life,” – Andriy Mikheichenko, press officer of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, informed.

Dmytro Petrushenko is survived by his parents, wife and son, currently the National Guard serviceman.



Oleksandr Kholin

Oleksandr Kholin has been in the AFU since the autumn of 2015. First he served in the 53rd Mechanized Brigade; in April of 2016 he was transferred to the 93rd Machanized Brigade (served as a soldier of a mortar battery of the 3rd mechanized battalion).

The fighter took part in battles for Krymske, Luhansk region, and in Donetsk direction.

He was killed on the 27th of June near the village of Bohdanivka, Donetsk region, together with his two comrades, when an enemy shell hit their dugout. He is survived by his wife.



Volodymyr Dyachenko

Soldier if the 93rd Mechanized Brigade. One of the three fighters killed on the 27th of June near the village of Bohdanivka, Donetsk region, as the result of direct hit of an enemy shell onto their dugout.

He is survived by his son.



Valeriy Shyshak

Valeriy Shyshak was born on the 12th of December, 1960, in Severodoneysk where he lived all his life. He possessed substantial military experience: previously, he completed military service in Afghanistan. And despite he had already retired, when the war came to his homeland, Valeriy stood up to defend his native Donbas and joined the IAF Luhansk-1 battalion as a volunteer. Later, he moved to the 24th King Danylo Mechanized Brigade of the AFU (second lieutenant, commander of the unit in the 1st battalion).

Mr. Valeriy, 57, was the oldest fighter among the comrades in his unit. He was killed on the 28th of June near the village of Pivdenne, in the vicinity of occupied Horlivka, when tried to pull his wounded comrade Andriy Volos out of the battlefield.

Valeruy Shyshak was buried in Severodonetsk. He is survived by his wife, grown-up son and daughter.



Andriy Volos

Senior soldier, serviceman of the 24th Mechanized Brigade.

Andriy joined the AFU in 2015. In May of 2018 the fighter got married, but almost immediately got back to the forefront. Only a month after the wedding, his young pregnant wife became a widow.

22-years-old Andriy was killed in the morning on the 28th of June, on that black Constitution Day when the AFU lost four servicemen KIA. This was Andriy whom his comrade Valeriy Shyshak, the unit commander, tried to evacuate from the battlefield.

An enemy sniper bullet hit Andriy practically on his heart, having come in between the plates of his body armor.

Andriy’s mother got the tragic news about her son’s death when she was in intensive care unit: a day before this happened, the woman underwent the surgery on tumor removal. Andriy’s mother decided to bury her son in the village of Omelne, next to the family graves, on the 1st of July. Local authorities and comrades proposed to bury him in the Alley of Heroes in Lutsk, still the fighter found his rest by the side of his family. Andriy is survived by his mother, step father and pregnant wife.



Vladyslav Huseynov, callsign Shved

Corporal, serviceman of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the AFU, Vlad was killed on the 28th of June in military actions near Avdiivka.

“In Donetsk direction, the defenders of Avdiivka got under direct shelling when the enemy started firing from automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns at Donetsk Filtration plant following the end of works on its reconstruction.

To stop enemy attacks the armed guard units were ordered to shoot back in response. Colonel Huseinov Vladyslav who was holding the frontline guarding position together with his comrades, was killed in action. The enemy firing position was suppressed at the cost of his life,” – Mykola Bondarchuk, the JFO press-center spokesman said.

Vlad was buried on the 1st of July in his native town of Pervomaiske.



Henadiy Nemtsov

Senior sergeant, serviceman of the 72nd Chorni Zaporozhtsi Mechanized Brigade. He joined the Armed Forces within the sixth wave of mobilization, in July of 2015. For that time his son had been serving for almost a year of his contract service, so the father did not hesitate a moment to join him.

“I’m heading there with great pleasure. My son is 24, and he’s been serving there for a year. He had signed a contract. He never tried to talk me out: on the contrary, he’s proud of his father’s decision. But my wife and daughter are worried. Well, anyway I think I must be there,” – Nemtsov senior told to Cherkasy journalists on July 14th, 2015, when he was heading to a military training center.

Later, Mr. Nemtsov continued his military service having signed a contract with the AFU.

He was killed on the night of the 29th of June, 2018, while defending the approaches o Svitlodarsk in Donetsk region. The opponent was firing from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. The wounds sustained by Henadiy during the battle, turned out to be incompatible with life.

The fighterwas buried on the 2nd of July on the Alley of Heroes, in Cherkasy’s 4th city cemetery. Hehadiy is survived by his wife and grown-up son (a combatant taking part in military actions in Eastern Ukraine since 2914) and daughter.


Eternal glory to the fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for Ukraine!