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Zelenopillia tragedy: remembering how it was

Today we are remembering the fourth anniversary of the deadly...

Zelenopillia tragedy: remembering how it was

Zelenopillia tragedy: remembering how it was

Today we are remembering the fourth anniversary of the deadly tragedy near Zelenopillia. At 4:30 AM in the night of 11th of July, 2014, russian occupiers and their mercenaries shelled the positions of the Ukrainian border guards and the troops of 24th and 72nd mechanized brigades and 79th airborne brigade with “Grad” MLRSs.

It was the first massive deployment of the RF army against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Later, such offensives became regular. According to the Ministry of Defense official data, 36 servicemen were killed and about 100 got wounded in that massacre. Afterwards, medics admitted that they had never seen such severe injuries in their life, – seemed that the wounded military had “escaped from hell” that time.

These soldiers were defending the sector of Ukraine’s state boundary that remained open due to the militant’s attacks. The Ukrainian border guards and military prevented Russia from bringing its artillery and heavy weaponry onto the territory of Ukraine.

Ivan was among those few lucky to escape death then. He got heavy shrapnel injury; his leg had been almost torn away. Medics in conventional hospitals tried as hard as they could to save his leg, still the bones did not fuse up. Later, thanks to our collective effort, we succeeded in raising the money necessary for the fighter’s treatment within the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project. Today Ivan has sent us a very important photo. He looks absolutely recovered in it, standing on his own two feet with confidence. Also, Ivan remembers his comrades.

Let us remember all those killed on that scary day, by name:

  1. Vykhopen Vasyl Ihorovych
  2. Dyshel Marian Myronovych
  3. Koltun Volodymyr Mykhaylovych
  4. Kostiv Yuriy Myronovych
  5. Luschyk Victor Fedorovych
  6. Holub Yuriy Hryhorovych
  7. Kovalyk Vasyl Stepanovych
  8. Kratko Roman Zinoviyovych
  9. Kuntyi Yevhen Oleksandrovych
  10. Bereza Ivan-Vitaliy Volodymyrovych
  11. Borys Ihor Volodymyrovych
  12. Vasylykha Petro Stepanovych
  13. Verbytskyi Volodymyr Volodymyrovych
  14. Lohyn Mykhaylo Romanovych
  15. Mysyk Taras Ihorovych
  16. Nahornyi Yuriy Vasylyovych
  17. Popovych Volodymyr Romanovych
  18. Rusnak Mykola Ihorovych
  19. Tsikalo Bohdan Bohdanovych
  20. Shpyrka Volodymyr Mykhaylovych
  21. Ledyzhenskyi Oleksandr Vasylyovych
  22. Holota Ivan Ivanovych, sergeant
  23. Novytskyi Anatoliy Olehovych
  24. Kruk Oleksandr Oleksandrovych
  25. Platonov Serhiy Serhiyovych
  26. Boiko Victor Mykhaylovych
  27. Volkov Oleksiy Vitaliyovych
  28. Hnatusha Volodymyr Yuriyovych
  29. Plushch Mykhaylo Victorovych
  30. Momot Ihor Fedorovych
  31. Lutsko Anatoliy Stepanovych
  32. Hlushchak Oleh Mykolayovych
  33. Polyakov Vasyl Victorovych
  34. Syrby Dmytro Vasylyovych
  35. Shtoltsel Vilhelm Volodymyrovych
  36. Vovk Vasyl Yaroslavovych


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