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The BIOTECH 2.0 project aims to reduce the number of cases of disability in Ukraine by providing medical facilities with access to regenerative technologies. As part of the project, we provide cellular products for the recovery of wounded servicemen, military personnel and civilians of Ukraine who are unable to be helped by traditional medicine. With the help of unique biotechnological products (stem cells and products based on them) it is possible to get significant improvements in the following cases:
● complex cases of bone injuries that can lead to amputation (shoulder, forearm, thigh, leg, foot);
● significant soft tissue injuries, wounds and burns that are difficult / long to heal.
● nerve injuries (partial or complete intersection).

We are uniting our efforts to give hope and an opportunity to return to a full life for the affected citizens of Ukraine.

About the project

What exactly do we offer for those who have registered for BIOTECH 2.0?
GOOD CELLS specialists manufacture cellular and non-cellular products and are ready to provide them free of charge to a wide range of medical institutions in Ukraine and doctors who treat the wounded. The process of manufacturing high-quality biotechnological products requires certain costs for materials and reagents. We, the volunteers of People’s Project, are raising funds for the production of the necessary cellular products and will coordinate their provision to the relevant medical institutions. At a time when public medicine offers only crutches and prosthetics in severe cases of injury, GOOD CELLS ‘regenerative technologies make it almost impossible to restore the health of Ukrainians and return them to normal life.

At a time when state-funded medicine offers only crutches and prosthetics in severe cases of injury, GOOD CELLS regenerative technologies make almost impossible to restore the health of Ukrainians and return them to normal life.

Why are we convinced that regenerative technologies are the best solution for treatment? After all, it’s about something that can only be watched in science fiction films. The GOOD CELLS team, which develops ilaya.regeneration, has already participated in the "Biotech-rehabilitation of the wounded" project, which was created and lasted in 2014-2017 to provide qualified medical care to ATO fighters. In particular, for three years of work within the framework of the "Biotech-rehabilitation of the wounded" project managed to save 86 soldiers from amputation.

As part of the treatment process, it is possible to inject stem cells or perform transplantation of tissue-engineered constructs. Due to the unique properties of stem cells, their use accelerates wound healing, relieves inflammation, naturally restores body tissues and stimulates osteogenesis.


The practice of using cell therapy has been popular for many years among the world’s leading medical institutions. Fortunately, there are also professionals in Ukraine who develop biotechnology and implement innovative treatments. GOOD CELLS laboratory has a cutting edge equipment, which has no analogues in Ukraine and allows to produce a wide range of safe cellular and cell-free products of the highest quality. With the start of a full-scale war, GOOD CELLS is ready to provide Ukrainian physicians with access to unique regenerative technologies to achieve the best results in the treatment and rescue of as many Ukrainians as possible.


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Raised: 318 800 UAH(8 379 USD)
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318 800 UAH (8 379 USD)
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