People’s Blindage

November 03, 2015

Dugouts for 81st Brigade

Dugouts for 81st Brigade

The need for dugouts at the front can not be overstated: this is a fortification, which protects fighters from explosive shelling, shooting from small arms ammunition, and artillery bombardment. In addition, a field dugout provides some respite for military personnel taking part in a combat zone. The Minsk agreement is only a ceasefire on paper, in fact enemy shelling continues.
Therefore, while this fire is less intense than previously, we are not wasting time in providing our defense with reliable fortifications as part of the Help to 81st Brigade project. This is one of those occasions where there is cross-over between projects and with the onset of winter, through the People’s Blindage project the Brigade’s rank and file will not only be safer, but considerably warmer.

Thank you all for your support and participation in the project! From the 81st Brigade and the team at The People’s Project – many thanks!

Update: After arranging a workshop to teach how to construct these fortifications, soldiers can now confidently proceed with the installation of a total of eight (reports; here and here) dugouts for the paratroopers of the 81st Brigade after predetermining locations at the front and preparing construction sites.

Date Name Quantity Cost Destination
03/11/2015 Blindage for paratroopers (81st brigade) 2 50 000.00 delivered to military unit В 2749


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People’s Blindage

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2 122 083 UAH (76 790 USD)

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