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Rehabilitation of Injured with Impaired Movement

Rehabilitation device for wounded with motor disorders fully funded

Once again, thanks to people who are not indifferent, Ukraine is less at risk of becoming third world when it comes to medical care. First of all it has determined the criteria in approach to treatment, both public and private. Medical care remains one of Ukraine’s weakest links. Modern equipment, which has already enjoyed for a few decades across the entire civilized world, is universally lacking – even in private hospitals, when it comes to state-run medical facilities no one can remember. For some reason, in Ukraine the belief persists that rehabilitation after surgery or treatment is the responsibility of the patient and their family, not the state. The conclusions are disappointing – throughout the country there is no effective system for rehabilitation in general and certainly nothing specifically to address of motor disorders of the human hand. As a result – the restoration of movement can take a year of manipulation largely at the effort of the individual patient. When it comes to wounded ATO soldiers, their rehabilitation is different from patients experiencing loss of movement due to a stroke or another condition, bullet or shrapnel wounds take more adjustment and longer time. In comparison – using a modern simulator apparatus – result can already be seen in 3-4 months.

For the first time in Ukraine comes a modern device for rehabilitation of movement Armeo Spring! The happy owners of the apparatus will be the clinic we sponsor, Nodus. For almost a year-and-a-half doctors at the clinic have carried out a charity treatment project for wounded ATO soldiers. Now, with the Armeo Spring device, soldiers have the opportunity to restore function in the upper limbs rapidly and completely free of charge.

We have repeatedly written and filmed video for this rehabilitation center where we help with the acquisition of equipment. Today we have exciting news – we have collected all money needed for the Rehabilitation of Injured with Movement Impairment project! We were concerned we would not be able to buy the machine by the end of December, thus losing a substantial discount, but those worries were unfounded.

The lion’s share of the amount donated came from a philanthropist called Igor:

“I visited the fighters at the Nodus clinic, I saw doctors put several dozen men literally back on their feet, at their own expense. But the problem with the restoration of hand movements proved very difficult to resolve. There is no special equipment. Incidentally, this is the most advanced neurosurgical clinic in the country, if they don’t have it – no one else does.

People need immediate help, but they can’t expect this care from anyone, certainly not the state.

Today, as promised, I sold an apartment, received 1 million UAH and immediately transferred the money to the supplier of the system. I invest in the future of this country. I am proud of our accomplishments and want to see our country on a par with successful and strong states. I do not know whether every act a well-off person makes is a matter of conscience. This was my own choice. “

Money bill

Thank you to another sponsor for this project who gave 38 878 UAH for reposts he got on Facebook. The other funds came from a variety of donors. The bill now fully paid, the machine will be delivered with the next fortnight.

*A special event will be held to unveil the new equipment in late December. We invite members of the media who have covered the fundraising progress of the project to this event and any other interested parties.


15/12/2015Rehabilitation complex Armeo Spring1 1 845 000.00delivered to Nodus
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Project Completed

Rehabilitation of Injured with Impaired Movement

Fundraising for an ArmeoSpring device, needed by the Nodus rehabilitation center to restore arm and hand function to Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the ATO.

1 845 000 UAH (74 814 USD) needed
100% raised
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