O.R. Upgrade

April 06, 2017

The first milestone of O.R. Upgade project

The first milestone of O.R. Upgade project

Its a day of beautiful figures. This morning the 10,000th benefactor made a donation to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. The total amount of funds collected in terms of the project reached more than 22,000,000 UAH long ago. The volunteers of The People’s Project spent it for the treatment of seriously wounded defenders of Ukraine. And there is another small milestone. In the evening the 50th benefactor made a donation to The O.R. Upgrade Project. Including this donation the total amount of funds on the account of the project already exceeded 70,000 UAH, which is 4% of the total amount required. It is worth to mention, that this project is very young, so such figures is a good indicator.


The modest 50 UAH from the 50th benefactor. Is that a coincidence? We don’t think so

In terms of the project we collect money to reequip 3 surgical units of the Emergency Hospital at Cherkasy. Surgical units require replacement of outdated surgical lamps, which broke all the time and no longer provide the sufficient amount of light. Also, we want to replace surgical tables, which got broken long ago. One of them, got stuck right under the patient during the first minutes of an important surgery. During the year 1,500 patients are treated here. All the equipment is obsolete, which brings additional risk to the lives of patients. After all, doctors have to heal people, and do not think about a broken table or calculate the chances of lamp to fall on a patient.


Ragged walls and shabby lamp. The hospital requires a good maintenance for a very long time now

The government allocates hardly enough funds for the hospital to cover the current needs. There is no even a word about a modernization of the equipment. That is why the volunteers decided to help. Beside the help to others we believe, that collecting money for the patients to receive surgeries in descent conditions is a good investment into own salvation, just in case if such a need occurs.


The lack of light

The poor, seniors with severe problems of an old age, anyone who needs an emergency assistance are treated here. Therefore, the donations to this project is a matter of honor for all of us. We help today and be helped tomorrow. Do not stay aside. Join The O.R. Upgrade Project. The hospital should be properly equipped.


Altogether on the project

O.R. Upgrade

182 people


413 265 UAH (15 912 USD)

of 412 664 UAH (15 888 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 05.08.2019 at 12:42
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