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The Victors

Ukrainian prosthetist taught to make incredible artificial limbs

Everything seems to get better. Foreign specialists teach Ukrainian prosthetist the intricacies of manufacturing sports and multi-functional prosthetic. They do it at Dnipro, at the local state experimental orthopedic enterprise. Actually, this is already the third joint mission of the Prosthetic Support Project in Ukraine (the joint project of Canada and Ukraine International Assistance Fund – CUIA Fund, ProsthetiKa, and Ukraine Parathletic Initiative). Foreign specialists showed Ukrainian specialists, how to make functional prosthetics, and shared the secrets of accompanying rehabilitation. During the event, with the joint effort sports prostheses for 5 people with amputated legs and 8 with amputated hands have been made.


There is no such thing as a sport prosthetics in Ukraine officially. Maybe there are some specialists, who do something like that on their own, but no one has ever centralized such an area. We sincerely hope, that 22 Ukrainian specialists, who gained new unique knowledge will be able to move the prosthetic industry to a new level, and provide ATO veterans, and those in need with a high-quality sports or multi-functional prosthetics of their own production. As for the Prosthetic Support Project in Ukraine, would like to say, that you friends are incredible. We are sincerely grateful to you, and appreciate your efforts very much.


Meanwhile, we are trying to gradually change the reality for at least one person. The People’s Project collects funds in terms of The Victors, which is a part of a global multi-media project of the same name, founded on the joint initiative of the Heart of a Warrior Charitable Organization, the TSN news service and the Viva! magazine. For the money collected we plan to partially buy a modern prosthesis for running for Mykola Poltorak.

Mykola was born in Odessa. He is the father of 4 wonderful children. He lost his leg during the war. Decisive and rigorously patriotic, he served as a sniper and scout at the hottest spots of the ATO area. During one of the last combat operations, he stepped on a hostile mine, and lost his leg. Yes, he has a prosthesis. However, it is not suitable to run professionally, which Mykola do since the time he started service at the army.

We ask for your help. Each dollar donated in terms of The Victors is extremely important. On top of that the total amount is not huge. We already collected almost a half of it. For Mykola, running is not a hobby, but a method of active physical rehabilitation, a way to keep physical shape, and not degrade with his body and spirit. Let’s help the wounded Ukrainian defender.

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The Victors

Fundraising for a sports prosthesis for athletes wounded during ATO.

444 414 UAH (16 081 USD) needed
100% raised
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