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Andriy, 40. Fully recovered

How Andriy’s treatment is progressing:


Andriy, 40. Fully recovered

Andriy, 40. Fully recovered

How Andriy’s treatment is progressing:

23.06.2015: Andriy undergoes main operation

14.06.2015: Andriy prepares for surgery

Wounded: Andriy, 40, a soldier battalion with the Gorin injured near Hranitne

Right leg: cystic degeneration of the roof of the acetabulum right hip with severe pain.

Non-cellular technology offers only prosthetics. This, understandably, does not satisfy the fighter as a prosthetic significantly impairs his quality of life.

More about the wounded:
Andriy – a volunteer with the 2nd Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Territorial Defence of the Rivne region Gorin. In the ATO area he kept watch at checkpoints, accompanied and guarded multiple launch rocket systems and the missile systems, OTR-21 Tochka.
In August 2014, during an attack on the village of Hranitne, he jumped into a dugout and, because of wearing full equipment (over 12 kg), he injured his hip – and subsequently signs of congenital disease of the hip joints (osteoarthritis deformans) were discovered. Andriy felt a lot of pain, but did not pay attention to it and continued in active participation in military operations. Assistance was provided to the soldier about a week later in a Rivne hospital. After a few shots he felt better for a short time, but later severe pain returned.
Now the doctors in the hospital offer a prosthesis to Andriy, but he disagrees with this course of treatment and is looking for a way to keep his bones and joints. Volunteers advised him to turn to the ilaya Medical Center, and doctors there have promised to do everything possible using innovative cell technology in traumatology and orthopedics to cure the hero.
Andriy – is a native of the city Kirovske, in the Donetsk region. His second home he considers to be Nova Ukrainka, where he has lived for 18 years with his wife Tetyana, his 18-year-old son Oleksandr and daughter Alina, 9.
In peacetime, Andriy served in military, then worked as a driver. In 2013, he was an active member of both the Euromaidan and AutoMaidan movements, and then joined the ATO in July 2014. Now, despite his illness, he is utilizing all possibilities to provide military assistance and is engaged in volunteering as part of the “Ruyevyt” Foundation.

Required treatment:
Reconstructive and restorative treatment of the hip joint using cellular technology.

Diagnosis and examination: 4055 UAH
Preliminary operations: 11,900 UAH
Sampling of material and manufacturing cellular material: 110,156 UAH.
Treatment of bone defect: 58,080 UAH.
Cost of treatment: 304,570 UAH.
Discount Medical Center: 39.49%
Special Price: 184,291 UAH.

Budget update.
The main surgery to restore the hip joint by implanting three-dimensional chips inhabited with stem cells was performed in June 2015. In six weeks at the first postsurgical X-ray examination, doctors found irregularities in the formation of the regenerator. Andrew accidentally stepped on his foot too soon after the surgery. To change the situation the doctors had to perform yet one more operation with the use of osteosynthesis and further X-ray examination. Through these expenses, the cost of treatment has increased by UAH 47,130 and amounted to UAH 231,421.