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Mykhailo, 21. Fully recovered

How Mykhailo’s treatment is progressing:


Mykhailo, 21. Fully recovered

Mykhailo, 21. Fully recovered

How Mykhailo’s treatment is progressing:

16.04.2015: Results of Mykhailo’s treatment

02.02.2015: Active regeneration of Myhailo’s bone tissue

12.12.2014: Remaining balance of Michael’s treatment paid

14.11.2014: Diagnostics and partial sampling for injured soldiers

27.10.2014: Project budget increased

Wounded: Mykhailo, 21, volunteer with Dnipro-1 Battalion, injured near Donetsk Airport.
Wound: Consequences of the gunshot wound to the right shoulder,loss of the right clavicle up to 10 cm.

More information about the wounded:

Mykhailo volunteered as a soldier in May and joined Dnipro-1 Battalion.


In summer, the soldiers helped the border guards protect Novoazovsk, before being relocated to the suburbs of Donetsk.


Mykhailo was injured near Pisky Village on September 3, when his battalion was helping to defend Donetsk Airport. He and several other soldiers were on an intelligence mission in territory nearby when they were ambushed. The enemy opened machine-gun fire on the car the guys were in. Mykhailo’s shoulder and hip were injured. The soldiers drove 300 meters further before taking position and returning fire for three hours.


Mykhailo received first aid at the airport, before being transported to Pisky, Kranoarmiysk and, later, Dnipropetrovsk. Now, the soldier is in Kyiv.

In the peace, Mykhailo lived in Luhansk. He is a junior sergeant of the Ministry of Emergencies. The political situation and war in Ukraine dramatically changed Mykhailo’s life. In winter, he actively participated in EuroMaidan, something that caused a rift between him and his friends in his native city. In late April, he left Luhansk when separatists occupied the Luhansk Security Service. With his different viewpoint, he also fell out with his family, his wife and young daughter stayed in Luhansk.


Mykhailo never hid his patriotism, and supporters of the Luhansk People’s Republic started hunting him. They threatened his parents, leading to them also fleeing Luhansk. In spite of everything, he continued to help the militia and oppose illegal armed groups.

Mykhailo is an athletic guy, boxing since he was a 7-year-old. Now he is a candidate for a masters in sports. However, because of the damage to his clavicle he can’t raise his right hand or hold anything with it. At night, his shoulder aches and it is quite difficult for him to sleep.


The loss of clavicle is up to 10 cm and can only be restored with stem cell  technology. The doctors at Ilaya Medical Center have successful experience in treating such trauma with stem cell technology. Our project aims to raise funds for this treatment.


Us helping Ukrainian patriot is the best way to express our respect and appreciation for his self-sacrifice.

Required treatment:

Reconstructive and rehabilitative treatment of the clavicle loss with stem cell technology, osteosynthesis.

List of services included in the treatment process:
Diagnostics and examination: 2,530 UAH
Sampling, production of cellular material and donor preparation: 119,265 UAH
Treatment of the defect of the clavicle, skin replacement: 32,636 UAH
Medication and post-surgical care: 13,500 UAH
Total cost: 167,931 UAH

Budget update:
On December 2014 Myhailo underwent a surgery: a block inhabited with autologous stem cells was implanted to his clavicle and fixed with fixed metal plate. The treatment was successful and the bone has been restored. However in 9 months after surgery was performed the plate begun to shift and cause discomfort. The doctors decided to remove the plate. The cost of additional operation amounted to UAH 33,767 USD, thus raising the cost of Myhailo’s treatment to UAH 201,698.