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Fighting for industrial city of Avdiivka escalates

In two days at least 17 soldiers have been...

Fighting for industrial city of Avdiivka escalates

Fighting for industrial city of Avdiivka escalates

In two days at least 17 soldiers have been wounded. These Ukraine Armed Forces personnel have been injured in the battle for the industrial city of Avdiivka in the past two days.

It was reported by People’s Project coordinator» Maksim Ryabokon after talking to the military stationed in the area.

“Continued fighting for the industrial city has intensified. The guys say the day before yesterday, 17 people from the 300th brigade were wounded. This is more than during the whole confrontation on that territory,” he said, quoting soldiers.

However, he said project volunteers reported at least two dead and 20 wounded soldiers among the armed forces in the past two days.

As of March 20, ATO forces and militants each controlled 50 percent of part of the Avdiivka industrial zone, which is known as “small cottages”. During fighting on March 23, separatists almost completely removed Ukraine’s troops from “small cottages”, and later managed to repel the ATO forces and consolidate their position there. The attack on the Ukrainian Armed Forces troops coincided with the observance of the Ukrainian side of the Minsk agreements.

In transit with the volunteers is the essential Sabre gun turret to Avdiivka. The combat module is installed with a machine gun, which can be managed remotely from a safe distance. The Sabre module will be the second at the front, the first was delivered to the 93rd Separate Airborne Brigade in December 2015 and is set up in the vicinity of the Butivka mine.

Besides turrets, guys really need to carry two thermal imagers, two thermal imaging sights and night vision. Other specified items our volunteers will publish a list of soon.

We are quickly gathering funds for these items as part of the Rapid Response project.

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