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In defense of the maritime borders, legendary commander of Marines to lead new division

In defense of the maritime borders, legendary commander of Marines to lead new division

Polygon near Urzuf is a strange place, where your teeth are constantly grinding against sand and merciless, sun-scorched steppes eventually roll into the salty sea. There is no stablity except for two things: mobile coverage and panic on the latest developments in Crimea. Here is the site of combat coordination for the Marines.

Suddenly, a BMP nervously jerks into action; light dances like a that from a carousel, twisting over steel water tanks; there’s the thunder of artillery, which covers the sound of the infantry like gentle hand of death; chaotic roar of machine guns and grenade launchers, which merges into the overall victory symphony; played real people who repeatedly and monotonously carry out one-and-the-same action. Whenever this deadly orchestra plays a new piece, the skills of the Marines are to be spent on blind automatism.

The tired conductor of this orchestra is not to to be seen, then from the chaos, the commander emerges. His bearing shows his rank and his demeanour is one of constant dissatisfaction. The troops have not advanced, the tank is not covered by BMP fire and ruthless enemy fire has destroyed the entire crew. The line of defence is stretched unevenly, and there are confused soldiers on the battlefield. It seems to be a chaos and disorder in which there are no signs of order. However, in a moment disparate groups gather in a single organism, making a leap forward, rebuilding on the move and destroying the enemy with thousands of tonnes of deadly metal and rage.

морпехи 1

It’s the last rehearsals of this orchestra. This is the training of Marines under the command of Vadym Sukharev. On his shoulders rested Lugansk airport, and he further cut his combat zone teeth in the Luhansk region. He personally led the liberation of several settlements, was wounded, but chose to return to the front. And that’s going to come true: from now Vadym will comand a battalion of marines.

“In war situations this is not suitable,” the voice of Suharev carries across the ‘battlefield’ to the soldiers. “In battle, you will not be asked, or told where to shoot. If you can not shoot from the right – shoot from the left. If you do not know how – you are worse off. If the reserves cover people – it’s not for the sake of it, but because your life really depends on your mates. War does not excuse those who are not able to respond to the circumstances of those who do not know what to do at one time or another. The enemy will not give you comfort, you should just rely on each other in the most difficult times.”

морпехи 2

They all know about what is happening now in Crimea and understand it poses a threat. However, they also know it could be empty chatter, regardless the enemy is preparing… The soldiers are tired but feel part of a single deadly organism that is the guardian of their homeland. The situation of a possible invasion by Russia is put very simply: “If the Russians will try to encroach further – they will not return alive.”

And before even going to the front Marines, volunteer funds from The People’s Project and The People’s Rearguard are being put to use to strengthen the combat capability of the unit. The joint project Mariupol Defenders aims to provide battalions with vehicles, high-quality optics, night vision devices, thermal imagers, medical supplies and tactical training in medicine

Very soon these soldiers will be in the Mariupol region to protect it and to its coastline. Very soon they will have all the skills and material support they need for real battle.

And our main task – to make the Marines as effective as possible. Maximum effectiveness.

We opened the project Mariupol Defenders for this purpose. To familiarize yourself with the needs of the Marines we have identified so far, all details can be found on the project’s landing page.

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