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Nissan Navara and other gear for Kulchytskiy Battalion

The Kulchytsky Battalion is is one of Ukraine’s most powerful...

Nissan Navara and other gear for Kulchytskiy Battalion

Nissan Navara and other gear for Kulchytskiy Battalion

The Kulchytsky Battalion is is one of Ukraine’s most powerful at the front line – dealing with attempted sabotage by the enemy, reconnaissance and clean-up of liberated areas.

The commander of the unit, with the callsign “Che” was awarded several orders and medals, including the rare order of Danylo Halytsky. Under the command of “Che” the unit has not lost a single soldier from the outset of the ATO. Unfortunately, this is not true of transport and logistics. Almost all vehicles of the unit were destroyed by the enemy. Technology given to them by volunteers is now not only in bad condition but much is beyond repair. The state provided only soldiers weapons and ammunition, but always in insufficient quantities.

This week, the former battalion of volunteers – committed Maidan fighters – received a delivery from the Help to Kulchytskiy Battalion project – a Nissan Navara and some much needed equipment.


In April and May of 2014 these volunteers fought under the control of Major-General Sergei Kulchytskiy at the front. Kulchytskiy was a field officer of the highest caliber, performing his task with a personal investment in the cause. He commanded the respect of the men who served alongside him. On May 29, 2014 Kulchytskiy was killed, his MI-8 helicopter shot down by an enemy shell over the mountain of Karachun, in the Slaviansk area. His name lives on.kulchyckyy1

The loss of such a talented and fearless man instilled the boys with even more fury to fight against the enemy. From the liberation of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk from the terrorists, the battalion went on to take part in the heaviest fighting for Debaltseve, Chernukhino, Zaitsevo and Lohvynove. And within the battalion some courageous, experienced and respected leaders were fostered.

The deputy commander of the anti-sniper platoon has the call sign “Baki”. He is a legend of Maidan and has proven to be a brave warrior throughout the ATO. The soldier does not accept state awards as he sees no need for awards from the leadership of a state which is unable to provide basic equipment to the army. Modern equipment is essential at the front and as well as the Nissan thanks to sponsorship the unit also received thermal imaging sights, camouflage fatigues (very useful for snipers in winter!), navigators, tablets, a battlefield management system and even laptops.


An example of just how courageous this battalion is comes from the soldiers of the platoon themselves who told of how during fighting in Uhlehorsk, Baki went into enemy territory, jumped in their trenches, destroyed an enemy group, and captured a heavy machine gun – bringing it back to his own position. Thus, he saved his entire group from machine-gun fire. There are many similar stories about the commanders of the Kulchytskiy Battalion. They are true heroes and always could use the assistance of  modern technology, because the enemy does not rest, and neither do we.