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The volunteers in Vodyane. One day of life at the front line

The Vodyane is one of the hottest spots on the...

The volunteers in Vodyane. One day of life at the front line

The volunteers in Vodyane. One day of life at the front line

The Vodyane is one of the hottest spots on the map of the ATO Zone, and a small village near the Mariupol. The very first impression is that village reminds about the Pisky Village in 2014. The village is completely covered by the footprints of the artillery shelling, but here and there you ca still see the local civilians.


Nowadays death comes from the place, that was prosperous once

At night in the village you cant hear the thing. The shells and bullets are hovering over the heads. The citizens, who have basements, sleep there. The volunteers of The People’s Project and the marines are walking the road near the village. The aim is to transfer the aid to the soldiers, to witness the horror of the front line with their own eyes and visit their old friends.


This visit to the Vodyane is not the first one for the volunteers

Not so long ago this village was a prosperous place for the local citizens. And all you can see now is the scars of the war. This was a cozy home once. And now the second floor is completely destroyed, and the walls of the first have fallen inwards. This is the result of a direct hit of the 152 mm projectile.


One of the results of the russian “peace”

There are a lot of holes in the ground. Sometimes they are 20 inc deep. And you start involuntarily calculate the trajectory of the deadly debris. One of the concrete fences is covered with the holes of different sizes. Ones are the size of a penny and through the others you can easily put the fist. Those are another signs of the explosion of the 152 mm projectile. Then you start to calculate, where is the place with the biggest amount of the debris located.


The blossoming gardens and fields turned into the void

The once peaceful Vodyane Village is now crippled and torn with the shells. From the small pits carved with the 82 mm mortar shells, to the entire trenches created by the heavy artillery. It is horrifying to see the ruins of the house and think about the people, who were killed here by the explosions.


The buildings suffered enough, but its people’s lives what we are grieving for

The civil villagers are glad to see the Ukrainian marines. Out of one of the yards the man sees and greets us. On the question about the help he answers, that it would be nice to have the electricity back. Shy and modest.


The manager of The People’s Project Maxym Ryabokon and volunteer Oleksand Gonzini near the car with the aid

P.S. The van will also stay with the marines as a part of the aid

The village is without the electricity, and we can hear the generator noise nearby. We almost reached the limits of the village. And this is the border line. In less than a mile are located the positions of the enemy of Ukraine. This is the place where the death is walking around. We try to dismiss as much as possible. A group of people walking around is too juicy target for the enemy machine-gunners.


The volunteers Serg Marko and Oleksandr Gonzini unload the equipment

Just recently the front line cut the Vodyane in half. Neither Ukrainian army, nor the enemy of Ukraine were strong enough to fully capture the village. For a short time Ukrainian marines did a good job. The enemy of Ukraine is now out of the village and the defenders of Ukraine thoroughly protect the village. It give the citizens of a village more protection. Unfortunately there is no gray zone. The opponents are facing each other.


The beautiful sunset over the fields of Mariupol

At last we got to the positions and are ready to unload the items we brought. It was impossible to make few descent photos or a video during the transfer, because the enemy opened the heavy fire over the positions of the volunteers. The bullets were whistling all around, so we had to unload the aid really quickly in the middle of the field at night.

This is how it is to unload the aid under the bullets

The most important thing is that we brought everything that is really necessary. We brought for the military a few thermal imagers, some good binoculars, a few new generators. Also we handed over a hundred sets of thermal underwear, some ammunition and food. On top of that, we also left the van for the military. It is Volkswagen, which we used this time to bring all the equipment. But our job here is done for today, so it is time to go back home.

After we passed the Vodyane we stopped the car. The difference you see is horrifying. On the one side of Mariupol you can see the buildings with the lights in their windows. People live there. And here, on the other side of the city are the doors to hell, where shells fly all over, bullets whistle over the heads and mines explode under the feet. That is the price of the russian “peace” and we are in the middle of the field, right between the life and death, wearing helmets and the body armor.

Unfortunately, to protect the country against the enemy invasion takes a lot of effort and money. The defenders of Ukraine alone put all their power and, sometimes even life to save the native land. But for this they need the necessary equipment and ammunition do their difficult job. Only with help of the donations collected in terms of The Mariupol Defenders Project we can supply the marines with the most necessary machinery, equipment and ammunition. Joint the project to save life.

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