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Volunteer-developed drones gain international attention

Originally designed to solve aerial reconnaissance issues for the Ukrainian...

Volunteer-developed drones gain international attention

Volunteer-developed drones gain international attention

Originally designed to solve aerial reconnaissance issues for the Ukrainian military, our volunteer-developed drones are poised to become viable players on the international market.
Word-of-mouth was already garnering these Ukrainian innovations attention and this month they made their official debut on the world market and the orders are rolling in.
From October 11-14 the XIII International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security – 2016 was staged in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. As part of this large-scale international forum, gunsmiths and leading military hardware companies show the public their latest achievements in the field of arms and special purpose products. For the first time the exhibition involved the company Ukrspecsystems – part of the volunteer team of The People’s Project, specializing in the production of modern drones for military purposes.


Exhibitors at the forum are generally divided into two camps. The first part civilian and security: there are traditionally specialized products for fishermen, hunters, sportsmen, and also for those concerned with security and surveillance work within legal frameworks.

The second section is of interest to international and national representatives of military and police structures: a chance for companies that specialize in the manufacture of weapons, military equipment and products for special purposes to demonstrate their inventions and developments for individual soldiers on the battlefield, also to exhibit developments in technology for armies and air forces. Also included in this section is law enforcement: with an individual exhibition dedicated to tools to equip police and border agencies.


It is worth noting the exhibition for the first time included a volunteer-staffed manufacturer in the form of the stand showcasing products from Ukrspecsystems a domestic manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles for use in military structures. Ukrspecsystems was formed more than a year ago as part of the volunteer team of The People’s Project and has already established itself as a leader in its field.


The emergence of Ukrspecsystems was the direct result of an urgent problem that arose in the army during the course of the ATO, the intelligence units and artillery of Ukrainian troops were in dire need of means of airborne surveillance. A pre-existing technical solution for these requirements did not exist in Ukraine, all existing drones were obsolete, were not protected from enemy interference and had limited technical specifications. Foreign UAVs are also prohibitively expensive, and there were problems with import regulations. That’s why a group of enthusiasts formed the company to provide high-quality drones to the Ukrainian army.


Production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and quadcopters by Ukrspecsystems is completed by People’s Project volunteers with funds raised by the First People’s UAV Complex and Seven Quadcopters PC-1 projects.


Our experts note interest in these modern Ukrainian-developed UAVs has already extended beyond Ukrainian military units and have gained the attention of the world’s leading developers of UAVs. We expect the highest standards in the drone design, they feature advanced technology and have prove to be successful in combat opertions, therefore they can satisfy the demands of interested agencies around the world. After all, nothing is prevents our Ukrainian designers from eventually taking a place among the world leaders in manufacturing high-quality and modern UAVs.

People’s Project coordinator Maksim Ryabokon explains how the drones came about in video filmed in autumn 2015

And participation in the international exhibition and the ability to provide modern drones to army units would be impossible without popular support. The lion’s share of funds for the manufacture of UAVs commissioned by the Ukrainian military come due to people’s donations. To date, The People’s Project continues to raise money for the Seven Quadcopters PC-1 project and Ukraine’s military are still awaiting new quadcopter for reconnaissance. Get involved in the project.