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Let us honor our defenders

Almost each of us got wounded in this war....

Let us honor our defenders

Let us honor our defenders

Almost each of us got wounded in this war. Every soldier who heard close sound of whizzing bullets and pulled wounded from under the fire and explosions. Those who listened to the approaching echo of night shelling, who embraced their children and prayed to turn away such close disaster. Those who every minute and every second were waiting for their beloved ones and are worried about their safety today. Those who gave often their last possessions to warm up, feed and help our military. Those who lost their darlings or uttered their last good-bye. Each of us distinguishes the bitter taste of this war.

This is why we celebrate the day that is special for any of us.

Video: Ministry of informational Policy of Ukraine on Ministry of Defense of Ukraine’s request

On the 14th of October we give tribute to our Heroes and honor them. The Day of Ukraine’s Defenders is not just men’s day. Similarly, this is neither the day of Soviet nor any other army. Likewise, this is not the day when a shaving foam or socks make a present. Equally, this is not the right day for eloquent speeches or empty promises. On this day we honor our citizens – be they elder people, middle-aged men and women or young boys and girls – who have stepped in to defend their Homeland and help their Army. On the Defenders’ Day we commemorate those who had gone and will never come back again, for our kids to live in peace even in the scariest days of war. Those who live or rested for eternity, with Ukraine in their hearts.

It is up to us to decide how to honor our defenders.

Embrace and thank your dearest ones. Remember those who are not with us anymore.

Please follow the links below for more.

Here you will find the fallen Heroes’ names. This is a frightening read. Look closely into all these faces – thanks to their sacrifice we can enjoy safe walks and traveling around our peaceful cities and towns. Mention each of them in a pray or address them with a couple of grateful words.

Here is the living memory about our defenders and their memorials’ locations. A candle and a flower: let it be the smallest but honest symbol of our gratefulness. Even the least things matter.

Because Heroes live as long as they are remembered
#paytribute #honour #honor #вшануй!

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