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Project Completed

Heaters for the Army

41 people donated
88 478 uah (3 274 USD)
of 85 841 uah (3 176 USD)
100% raised
Updated 31.10.2016 at 15:00
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Why is it important?

The issue of diesel heaters is currently critical for military units and requires an urgent solution. We all realize how cold it can be in the Ukrainian winter. Returning to our warm homes we even can’t imagine those severe conditions that our defenders face at checkpoints, in trenches and blindages. Fighters are constantly battling sub-zero temperatures and do not get enough sleep. The heating currently available is not effective enough.
Diesel heaters benefits:
• Absolute autonomy, easy and safe to use
• Affordable fuel (all military equipment runs on diesel)
• High efficiency due to convection and infrared rays
•Temperature regulation possibility
•Mobility (heater weight – 4.8 kg)

Where the money goes?

Aeroheat HA S2600 diesel heaters will be more than useful in extreme winter conditions: designed to heat and create comfortable conditions in enclosed spaces (in protective covers, trenches, blindages). Its combustion chamber design allows the diesel fuel turn into a gaseous state generating a large amount of heat and particularly without any evaporative emissions (using indoors and for night heating, this is very important)


How does the heater work?

Heater design:


Warm the soldiers. Each contribution is important. Support fund raising to purchase 100 autonomous heater units for defenders.

Diesel heater Aeroheat
Diesel heater Aeroheat
paid 100%
100/100 un.
85 841 UAH

Totally:   85 841.00 UAH


Questions and answers

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Raised: 88 478 UAH(3 274 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 88 478 UAH(2 244 USD)
Balance 0 UAH(1 030 USD)
88 478 UAH (3 274 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
01/12/14Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26005748450 UAHSponsorship
Total: 48 450 UAH (1 229 USD)
Settlement account
12/12/1416:181 001 UAH
12/12/1416:17300 UAH ******8896
12/12/1416:1315 000 UAH
12/12/1415:02200 UAH
12/12/1414:36100 UAH ******4201
12/12/1414:312 000 UAH
12/12/1414:2150 UAH ******5584
12/12/1413:10250 UAH ******9802
12/12/1412:5750 UAH ******0043
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 40 028.00 UAH (1 481 USD)
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88 478 UAH (2 244 USD)
Current project spending
10/02/2017Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26001 2 444.00transferred to Mariupol Defenders
15/08/2015Internal transfer1 2 882.06transferred to Covers for Grad
15/04/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26001 869.57delivered to military unit A0224
15/04/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26003 2 608.71transferred to First people’s scout
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S260015 13 200.00delivered to military unit А1126
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26003 2 608.71delivered to military unit 2802
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26002 1 760.00delivered to military unit 2830
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26006 5 280.00delivered to military unit 2161
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S260010 8 800.00delivered to 10th mobile border squad
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26005 4 400.00delivered to military unit А1965
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26003 2 640.00Delivered to Alpha squad
25/03/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26002 1 739.14delivered to military unit А2062
20/01/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26008 7 008.71delivered to military unit 3079 of MIA
11/01/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26004 3 520.00transferred to the Second people’s sniper
08/01/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26008 6 977.42delivered to military unit A0224
08/01/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26008 6 956.56delivered to military unit А 0224, Artillery
08/01/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S26007 6 086.99delivered to military unit А 0224, 2 Battalion
08/01/2015Diesel heater Aeroheat HA S260010 8 695.70delivered to military unit А 0224, 1 Battalion
Total: 88 477.57 UAH (2 244 USD)