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Oleksiy B, 31. The treatment stopped

How Oleksiy’s treatment is progressing:


Oleksiy B, 31. The treatment stopped

Oleksiy B, 31. The treatment stopped

How Oleksiy’s treatment is progressing:


Oleksiy, 31, a fighter with the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (UVC) “Right Sector”, wounded near Donetsk Airport.


The consequences of an explosive shrapnel injury to his left leg
• Nonunion fracture
• Gunshot osteomyelitis of the distal third of the left tibia
• Inflammation in the soft tissues of the lower leg, requiring more complex preparatory operations.
x-ray Bondarenko2
Because of infection at the site of his injury, treatment by conventional methods in public medical institutions did not result in the restoration of the bones and even purulent inflammation set in. Oleksiy was threatened with amputation. The state of the soldier’s requires the following surgical action: radical removal of the dead bone, a series of preparatory operations on the soft tissues, and then – the restoration of the bone defect (loss) using stem cell technology.

More information about the wounded:

Oleksiy – a volunteer with the UVC “Right Sector”. He was wounded on February 22, 2015 on the front line near the village of Pisky, located near Donetsk Airport. During shelling nearby, the fighter was wounded by an exploding shell, resulting in injuries to both legs, Oleksiy also received a concussion. The right leg sustained only soft tissue damage, however the injury to his left leg was severe.
In Dnepropetrovsk Oleksey received treatment to the soft tissues and despite the considerable damage to his left leg, they were able to save the limb and stabilize his condition. Later, Oleksiy was transferred for treatment to Kyiv, where due to infection of the bones, the fighter again faced a looming threat of amputation. Oleksiy never agreed with doctors on this course of treatment, and this dispute meant he was forced to change hospitals. After 10 surgeries it seemed the worst was behind him and doctors even fitted an orthopedic plate in his leg confident he would heal. However, osteomyelitis again made its presence known and his leg began to hurt and become badly swollen.
Oleksiy, on the recommendation of volunteers applied to the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project, an X-ray revealed to the doctors at the iLaya Medical Center that practically a third of the soldier’s tibia was dead. According to doctors, in similar cases, all attempts to restore the bone is a road to nowhere, they proposed that because of the gangrenous state of the bone, the area needs to be completely removed to overcome the infection faster. Then comes the complicated preparation of the leg’s soft tissue, which is completely covered with scars. Only after that can the restoration of what is a considerable bone defect be considered.
Oleksiy, a resident of Kyiv, joined the ATO in January 2015, and immediately found himself on the front lines, where he held positions with ATO forces under constant enemy attack enemy. A car enthusiast, before the war he worked in the automotive business – heading the department that issued warranties on vehicles sold. His passion for vehicles began at 9 years old first with bikes, and later, cars. As soon as he was able to, with his friends he obtained a car from Poland.
The difficult environment in Ukraine did not leave Oleksiy indifferent. In late 2013 he joined Euromaidan, and after seeing the situation escalate he pondered for some time before making the decision to go to the East. His philosophy was why sit back and watch events unfold when you have the strength and the will to make a difference.

Required treatment:

Reconstructive-restorative treatment of the lower left leg to help restore the soft tissue and bone, and maximize the return of leg function.

Itemized costs for diagnosis and treatment:

1. Examination and consultation with specialists (orthopedics, bio-tech specialists): 14,245 UAH
2. Preparation of cell-tissue material in the bio-lab 140 million. Cells (discount 30%): 99,120 UAH
3. Surgical treatment of soft tissues and bones of the right leg (discount 40%): 261,820 UAH

Budget update
Due to significant inflammatory processes, Oleksiy had to undergo major additional plastic surgery. Only after the restoration of the soft tissue could the transplantation at the site of the defect of the tibia be carried out. The additional plastic surgery increased treatment costs for Alexis by 159,524 UAH

In 2016, during the active phase of treatment, Oleksiy underwent several additional examinations and an additional surgery to prepare the bone and soft tissue for the transplantation. This has led to an increase in the cost of treatment. The total unforeseen expenses amounted to UAH 63,261.

Updated special price for treatment:  597,970 UAH