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Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded

Fighters recovered within Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded participate in qualifications to Invictus Games 2018

Last weekend three fighters who have recuperated after severe injuries thanks to our joint assistance, took part in the competition for the right to represent Ukraine in the international contest Invictus Games that this year will take place in Sydney, Australia. The Invictus Games were established in 2014 by Prince Harry (Prince Henry of Wales). This is a competition for wounded military and veterans. Last year the team from Ukraine for the first time participated in the event held in Toronto.

As we already mentioned, three “alumni” of the Biotech project took part in qualifications for the Games: Bohdan from the 93rd Brigade, Vitaliy from the 28th Brigade and Oleh from the Azov Battalion. All our guys showed good results, and two of them even got awarded, still we will be able to learn whether any of them gets in the National team, only in two weeks.

Bohdan competed in two sport disciplines, namely running (for the distance of 100m and 1.5km) and road cycling. Despite the fact Bohdan prepared most hard for running and performed in it quite well, he got his silver for road racing. The veteran feels satisfied with the outcome of the competition and aims to continue participation in further contests.

If you can remember, once he had a non-fusion fracture of the radius that was completely cured in three months thanks to the application of biotechnologies. On recovery, Bohdan launched his own business: he now runs a coffee-shop. Also, he has been actively going in for sports.

Oleh showed good results in both disciplines he took part in, swimming for the distance of 50m and rowing on a simulator. Actually, Oleh got both “silvers” in rowing for different distances, 4 minutes and 1 minute. The guy is satisfied with his results as well.

Oleh was one of the first patients at the Biotech. His shin had been crushed to pieces that later were put together and fused up with the help of biotechnologies. The guy managed to get back to active life quite soon. Now he is engaged in civil activism and never misses to participate patriotic events at the national level.

Vitaliy also participated in two disciplines, archery and power lifting (barbell bench press). He prepared for the contest quite hard, still, according to his own words, failed to show the best results in power lifting. Nevertheless, this did not upset the hero, as due to his young age he still has all the chances to succeed in future. Vitaliy’s case was one of the most difficult in the Project. When he joined the Biotech, the bones of his foot and ankle already fused up, still the limb did not perform in the right way. Even under a minor load, he experienced severe pain. It was orthopedic surgery he got within the Project that helped to bring his bones, tendons and muscles back to the fully operational state. Currently, the rehabilitation period is still on, still Vitaliy has already gained the possibility to live full active life.

We are exceptionally happy for our guys. It was a real pleasure to see their enthusiasm and thirst for victory. We wish our heroes lots of new victories ahead and thank everyone who supported them in their recovery after the injuries. Still, these guys were not the last ones in the Project. Many other fighters still need our assistance. It is your compassion and your donations that give us the possibility to bring wounded fighters to normal life. That’s why we, the volunteers at People’s Project, are addressing you once again, since your backing and support helps to save our wounded defenders’ lives!

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Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded

Regeneration of bone and tissue loss, sustained through mechanical or gunshot wounds through application of ilaya.regeneration stem cell technology

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